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Expand your career opportunities by turning your associate's degree into a bachelor of science in dental hygiene at Texas Woman’s.

Program Features

A dental hygiene student working with a patient in a dentist's chair while a professor watches over.

*Individual requirements may vary.

Why continue your dental hygiene studies at TWU?

A private school education at a public school price

Part of the Texas Woman’s experience is keeping costs low and education quality high:

  • No. 2 in the state for adding value to student’s earning potential, according to The Economist Magazine
  • 4th among all Texas public universities at keeping total college costs down, according to College for All Texans

For a breakdown of cost of attendance, check out our Estimated Cost of Attendance page.

Apply courses to a master's degree in Health Studies

The RDH-to-BSDH program allows you to substitute two graduate-level courses for upper division undergraduate classes. Grades of a B or higher in the graduate courses can be applied to a TWU MS in Health Studies with Dental Hygiene focus.

Career Opportunities

A bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene opens career paths including:

Salary data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

You also have the option of continuing your education and boosting your future earning potential with a graduate degree in Health Studies with a Dental Hygiene focus.

*Job outlook for 2016-26 rated as much faster than average.
**Job outlook for 2016-26 rated as faster than average.

Program Requirements

As a full-time student, you can complete the 120 required semester credit hours in as little as one year with:

  • 90 transfer credit hours, including 84 lower-division community college credits
  • Minimum of 30 hours taken at TWU, including 18 hours of dental hygiene courses and 12 hours of core or electives

Additional requirements:

  • Earn a C or higher in all TWU dental hygiene courses
  • Complete the Texas core curriculum to earn your bachelor’s degree.

A full list of courses and requirements are available in the course catalog.

Admission Requirements

Undergraduate Admission

When you apply to TWU, we will evaluate your academic achievement and preparation, as well as your standardized test scores. Admission to TWU is valid for four terms, unless you have attended another higher education institution.

Check out the links below for specific admissions information:

Questions about the admissions process? Contact the Office of Admissions Processing.

Office of Admissions
Texas Woman’s University
P.O. Box 425649
Denton, TX 76204-5649
940-898-3076 or 1-866-809-6130 ext. 3076

Admission to the R.D.H. to B.S. in Dental Hygiene (Online)

Program Application Deadlines

Applicants should apply to the university and have submitted all required transcripts and other documentation prior to these deadlines:

  • Fall: July 15
  • Spring: Dec. 1
  • Summer: April 15


  • Graduated from or currently enrolled (early entry) in an associate’s degree program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation
    • Students are eligible for early entry into the RDH-to-BSDH program if they are in the final year of a dental hygiene program and obtain written approval from their current dental hygiene program director
  • Licensure as a dental hygienist
    • Early-entry applicants must submit a copy of their dental hygiene license after completing the associate’s degree program and passing national board exams
  • A cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 on transferable college work (students may be admitted provisionally without a 3.0 GPA)
  • Regular access to a computer that meets standards compatible with TWU distance education and high-speed Internet access

How to Apply

  • Apply to TWU as a transfer student
  • After acceptance to TWU, apply to the dental hygiene RDH-to-BSDH program. To complete the program application, applicants must first create their TWU Pioneer Portal account then log in to their  TWU Google Drive account using their TWU email address and Pioneer Portal password.
  • To complete the program application, applicants must submit:
    • A scanned copy of their dental hygiene license (except for early-entry applicants). Early-entry applicants need a letter of eligibility and support from the program director of the associate's degree dental hygiene program. Contact dh@twu.edu to request a copy of this specific form to be used.
    • A brief essay on their professional goals, including any information relevant to consideration of the application. The essay should include the applicant's name and student ID at the top of the form.

For questions contact

Debra Stolinsky
Senior Secretary

Leslie Koberna, RDH, BDSH, MPH/HSA, PhD
Clinical Professor
RDH-to-BSDH Coordinator
MCL 911E

Admissions Coordinator

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