Our Research

  • Mindy P. Maziarz (nutrition & food sciences, Houston) and Alexis Ortiz (physical therapy, Houston) were awarded a $137,000 grant from the Alliance for Potato Research and Education for their study to determine the resistant starch content of potatoes using different types of cooking methods and serving temperatures. A secondary goal of the project is to examine the acute impact of resistant starch in these potatoes on glucose homeostasis, satiety peptides, subjective satiety and subsequent energy intake in overweight females.
  • Xiaofen Du (nutrition & food sciences, Denton) was awarded a $3,500 grant from Truco Enterprises for her study to evaluate emulsion stability in an accelerated-aged, shelf-stable cheese product.
  • Christopher Bolinger (communication sciences & disorders) has been awarded a $5,000 Advancing Academic-Research Careers Award from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation. The award is intended to support the academic research careers of junior-level faculty in the field of communication sciences and disorders.
  • Texas Woman's University has been awarded $388,015 from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s Minority Health Research and Education Grant Program to establish and maintain clinical rotation sites in underserved communities for physical therapy and other health sciences students.
  • Delaina Walker-Batson (communication sciences & disorders) has been awarded $25,000 from Charlene Marsh for her project, "Pilot Study tDCS in Primary Progressive Aphasia."
  • Nancy DiMarco and Shane Broughton (nutrition & food sciences) are comparing the effect of protein isolated from chicken against whey protein or carbohydrate-based diets to determine how amino acids from the protein are taken up into the body, how glucose is used and how the body’s immune response reacts within three hours. This research is funded by a $34,000 grant from International Dehydrated Foods. The study’s findings may help individuals trying to build muscle, those with glucose use issues, and, potentially, those with obesity or autoimmune disorders.
  • Suh-Jen Lin (physical therapy) is studying the effectiveness of promoting exercise and improving fitness for people with a spinal cord injury with a $59,000 grant from the Baylor Scott & White Research Institute.

Page last updated 11:34 AM, March 17, 2023