Interprofessional Education (IPE)

Texas Woman’s interprofessional education prepares patient-centered and collaborative healthcare professionals with cutting-edge knowledge to engage in teams-based care and who lead in providing optimal health care.

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Courses and Opportunities

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Research Activities

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TWU is focused on promoting collaborative partnerships

TWU's College of Health Sciences and College of Nursing collaborate on the university's interprofessional education efforts focused in health in order to develop patient-centered and collaborative health professionals.

IPE Mission and Values


Texas Woman’s interprofessional education prepares healthcare professionals who are patient-centered and collaborative with cutting-edge knowledge, have skills to engage in teams-based care, and who are prepared to collaborate and lead in providing optimal health care.



  • We believe healthcare is an interprofessional endeavor.
    • Therefore, we promote collaborative partnerships and cultivate cooperative leaders.


  • We believe that respectful communication, mutual trust, and transparency are foundations of health care practice.
    • Therefore, we model clear, open, and empathic communication.


  • We believe in an inclusive environment based on the intent to acknowledge, accept, and respect differences, and not mere tolerance.
    • Therefore, through our course offerings and clinical placements, we provide opportunities for students from all backgrounds to learn from and with each other, developing their cultural humility.


  • We believe that innovation is a signpost of a flexible learner that will continue to engage in lifelong learning and career development.
    • Therefore, we encourage and teach a flexible, growth mindset in our students so that they become innovators in their fields.

Excellence in Education

  • We believe in creative, innovative, and evidence-based andragogy.
    • Therefore, we support mentoring and training in interprofessional education.

Excellence in Evaluation

  • We believe that the measurement of outcomes for all programs is critical to implementation of a high-quality IPE program.
    • Therefore, we utilize a holistic approach and measure student, faculty, and community outcomes.


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