How many times can I be funded by each CSR competition?
You may be funded from each CSR Competition once, between September 1 and August 31.

How many times may I apply for each CSR Competition?
If you are not funded, you are welcome to apply to each application held per fiscal year.

“I haven’t heard from the CSR after I submitted my application!”
Contact Samantha Farner sfarmer@twu.edu if you haven’t received an email stating that the CSR has received your application. You will always receive this notification once your application is input in the system.

Can I be funded through other sources on campus?
Yes! You can also be funded by Experiential Learning.

Can I be funded by both CSR competitions?
Yes! Being funded for Travel does not exclude you from the Research Grant Competition and vice versa.

Page last updated 4:17 PM, May 9, 2024