Student Research Presentation Grant Program

Applications will be accepted for the summer competition between Thursday, April 4, 2024, and Tuesday, April 23, 2024. 

This program is intended to pay registration and other associated fees for students to present their research or fund publication of their scholarly activity in a peer-reviewed journal (see guidelines for full details). The maximum amount to be awarded is $500 per individual. Requests to the Student Research Presentation Grant Program must be submitted electronically using the application form, signed by the faculty mentor and department chair, and emailed to Any application that is hand-written, not signed, exceeds the maximum amount that can be requested, does not meet the deadline, and/or does not follow the guidelines and instructions may not be accepted.

Student Research Presentation Program Guidelines and Application Form


Spring and Summer 2023 awardees: Spring and Summer 2023 CSR Presentation Grant awardees

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