1098-T Tax Information

The 2018 Form 1098-T is now available to students that had payments of qualified tuition and fees in 2018. This is a change in IRS reporting for 2018. Students can access the document by logging into Self-Service>Student Finance>Pay My Bill>Make Payment or by accessing the Pay for Classes link at the bottom of the TWU homepage. Students can also use the Pay Online link under Paying for Classes on the Bursar's website to get into the online payment system where the 1098-T statements are located.

TWU does not file a Form 1098-T or furnish statements for:

  • Non-resident alien students, unless provided a valid SSN or ITIN number and requested by the student.
  • Students that had their qualified tuition and fees fully covered by scholarships/grants/third party billing arrangement.

Students must complete a Form W9s, Request for Student's Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification, and submit to the Registrar's Office to correct social security number information or provide a number, prior to the tax year form preparation. 

As permitted by the IRS, the University chose to populate the amount billed for qualified tuition and fees in Box 2 on the Form 1098-T for all years prior to 2018. 

DISCLAIMER:  Please be advised that TWU is prohibited from providing legal, tax, or accounting advice to students and we are not responsible for any use you make of this information.  Please refer to IRS publication 970 Tax Benefits for Higher Education or contact a certified tax advisor for assistance.

Page last updated 11:39 AM, June 11, 2019