Excess Hours Rate

Graduate Students

Tuition for all doctoral work in excess of 99 semester credit hours will be charged at the out-of-state rate. Students in Counseling Psychology, Family Therapy, Nursing Science and School Psychology will be charged at the out-of-state rate for doctoral work in excess of 130 hours.

Undergraduate Students

For students enrolled before fall 2006, any resident undergraduate student who before the semester or other academic session begins has previously attempted a number of semester credit hours taken at any institution of higher education while classified as a resident student for tuition purposes that exceeds by at least 45 hours the number of semester credit hours required for completion of the degree program in which the student is enrolled, except for those who fall within the exceptions set out in Section 61.059(b), (c), and (d) of the Texas Education Code, will be charged $35 per credit hour over and above the statutory tuition rate. For this purpose, an undergraduate student who is not enrolled in a TWU degree program is considered to be enrolled in a degree program requiring a minimum of 120 semester credit hours. (Does NOT apply to semester credit hours earned before the 1999 fall semester.)

For students who began higher education in fall 2006 or later, excess hours tuition applies when the student has exceeded the number of hours required for the degree by at least 30 credit hours.

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