Clinical Rotation

BS in Medical Laboratory Sciences

In order to qualify for graduation, all Medical Laboratory Sciences majors must successfully complete a clinical rotation following completion of all coursework here at TWU.  This clinical rotation consists of both formal classes (hematology, parasitology, etc.) and hands-on laboratory training.

Texas Woman’s University does not own or host this clinical training, but rather has agreements with four affiliate institutions.  Students must apply and be accepted by one of these four institutions.  Placement is not guaranteed, and acceptance is solely up to the clinical institutions’ discretion.

Upon completion of student’s clinical rotation, the institution will send a transcript to TWU, and those hours will be applied to student’s previous coursework, and the student will graduate with a BS in Medical Laboratory Sciences from Texas Woman’s University. Clinical sites will also help students prepare for the certification exam.

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  Tarleton United Regional Methodist Baylor Scott & White
Location Fort Worth Wichita Falls Houston Temple, Fort Worth
Duration 16 months 12 months 12 months 12 months
Format University-based Hospital-based Hospital-based Hospital-based
Charges tuition Yes No No Administrative fee only
Offers stipend No Yes Yes No
Class size 30 5 5 10-15
Start dates January, July August August August

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