Make an appointment

1. Please go to our scheduling system called Penji at You can find Penji here:

Penji logo

or download the Penji app on your cell phone and log on there.

2. Log in with your TWU email and password.

3. Once you log in, choose "For Students: Schedule Appointments."

4. Choose a 30-minute appointment, a one-hour appointment, or view in-person drop-in hours.

5. Next, select a topic.

6. Choose a date and time for tutoring.

7. Choose a tutor.

8. Determine the kind of appointment you would like, either (1) a face-to-face meeting on the 2nd floor of the Blagg-Huey Library (Room 235), or (2) a Zoom meeting online, or (3) uploading a paper for comment, a process called an OWL (asynchronous online).

9. Tell the tutor what you would like to focus on during the appointment. Then upload a rubric or written assignment and upload the paper draft in WORD.

10. You will see an overview message on Penji listing your appointment's (A) topic; (B) Time and Day; (C) tutor; and (D) the location (i.e. library, Zoom, OWL (Asynchronous Online--uploading paper).

11. You will then get a confirmation email.

Setting up Penji
Help Making Appointments

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