Appointment procedures, policies and expectations

Because we learn so much about our clients and can provide the best feedback through dialogue, we strongly encourage face-to-face tutoring, if possible, for the best results. 

Appointment length:

  • For every 30-minute appointment, tutors can review three double-spaced pages. 
  • For every 60-minute appointment, tutors can review six double-spaced pages. 

Please feel free to make multiple appointments for the same paper if the length is more than three or six pages. Students can request assistance for up to four hours each week.

Being present:

Your tutor has a specific window of time assigned to review your work, so it’s important to be on time for all appointments. Please come prepared to enter synchronous tutoring sessions with your full attention and a collaborative spirit. Limit distractions in your surroundings, such as screens and background noise, and be open to learning potentially new and different tutoring styles and writing strategies. 

Professional etiquette and communication

Please always treat tutors and staff with courtesy and use professional language during appointments. Clients and consultants are expected to follow the TWU Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in referral to Student Life.

Please respect staff and tutors’ work boundaries, such as scheduled work hours and session locations. Tutors and staff do not meet with clients beyond their scheduled appointment times or session formats, or respond to the chat feature or emails outside of their regular work hours. Personal questions or attempts to meet outside of the Write Site are inappropriate.

All communication with tutors should be sent to the Write Site email: Please avoid using consultants’ personal or TWU email addresses. 

Please refrain from contacting tutors via the chat function from 9 p.m.-9 a.m., on weekends, and if you do not already have an upcoming appointment scheduled. Consultants no longer respond to chat queries or comments after an appointment has closed. If you need further assistance, please make a new appointment with a tutor or contact tutors and staff via email:

Policy adherence: 

We all make mistakes in our communication at times, but we strive for mutual respect between tutors, staff, and students. Tutors, staff and students have the right to end tutoring sessions immediately due to a lack of courtesy, use of offensive language or infringement on the work boundaries listed above. Repeat issues with lack of courtesy or infringement on work boundaries could lead to restrictions on future appointments.  

Zoom recording policy:

Zoom sessions may be recorded for quality and training purposes. Students and tutors will be informed if a recording is requested. These recordings will not be distributed to third parties and will be deleted within four weeks of the recording date. 


Page last updated 11:13 AM, April 17, 2024