2023-24 Funded Research Grants

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Principal Investigators(s) Project Title Institution Funding Period

PI – Rebecca “Lanai” Jennings-Knotts
Co PI – Sandra Stroebel

A Comparison Study of the WJIV ECAD and the WPPSI-IV

Marshall University

6/15/2024 –2/28/2026

PI - Dr. Priya Karakkattil
Co-PI, Dr. Asha Vas

Fall Risk and Quality of Life: Influence of Dual Task Performance, Cognition and Sensorimotor Variables in Individuals with Cancer Treatment Related Peripheral Neuropathy

Texas Woman's University


PI - Dr. Claudia Pyland
Co-PI, Dr. Debra Mollen, Zachary Zoet, Morrigan Holmes, Hanna Davis

Investigating the Relationship between Age of Diagnosis and ADHD Identity Development

Texas Woman's University

11/1/2023 - 

PI - Kerri Staples
Co PI’s – Dr. Michelle Ferrer

Identifying Factors that Influence Health in Autism across Early and Middle Childhood

Texas Woman's University

11/1/2023 -1/31/2025

PI – Isaac Woods

A National Survey of Factors that Influence Purchase of Tests for Clinical Practice

North Carolina State University


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