2016-17 Funded Research Grants

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Principal Investigator(s)Project TitleInstitutionFunding Period
2016-17 Grants Funded
Dr. Asha Vas

Strategic Memory and Advanced Reasoning Training (SMART) in Stroke Survivors [.pdf]

Published Journal Article [.pdf]

Texas Woman's University Completed
Dr. Matthew Henley Cognitive Abilities Associated with Proprioceptive Aptitude [.pdf] Texas Woman's University Completed
Dr. Allison Dempsey Performance Differences in Young Children across Digital & Paper Modalities University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Completed
Dr. Daniel Hajovsky CHC Cognitive Abilities and Written Expression Latent Relations in School-Age Children: A Gender by Age Multiple-Group Moderation Analysis. Poster of Results-Hajovsky University of South Dakota Foundation Completed
Dr. Rebecca "Lanai" Jennings-Knotts GORT-5 and WJ IV ACH Tests of Reading: A Comparison Study. Poster of Results [.pdf] Poster [.pdf] Marshall University Completed
Dr. Laura Spenceley Identifying Embedded Validity Indicators in the WJ Tests of Cognitive Abilities [.pdf] Oswego State University of New York Completed
Ms. Jackie Hart and Dr. Scott Loe Cognitive and Academic Characteristics of Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Poster of Results-Hart/Loe [.pdf] Dr. Hart's Dissertation [.pdf] University of Nevada - Las Vegas Completed

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