2019-20 Funded Research Grants

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Principal Investigator(s) Project Title Institution Funding Period
2019-20 Grants Funded

Drs. Matt Reynolds & Christopher Niileksela 

Growth of working memory capacity throughout childhood, and it's measurement and growth for English language learners.

Manuscript of Results-Reynolds [,pdf]

University of Kansas

Dr. Elisa Na

Neurocognitive impairments and the role of MeCP2 in Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Texas Woman's University 4/1/20-12/31/23

Dr. Scott Decker

Predicting at-risk reading outcomes in multi-tiered models using diagnostic cognitive and neuro-cognitive tests. 

University of South Carolina 4/1/20-08/15/23

Dr. Carlos O. Calderón

Assessing the temporal reliability of cognitive-achievement relations and factor structure of the Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Cognitive Abilities and Academic Achievement, Fourth Edition on a sample of special education students over a test - retest interval of 3 years.

Northern Arizona University  4/1/20-3/31/23

PI, Dr. Raymond Smith
Co-PIs - Daehyoung Lee and Bo Hyun Hwang

Association between Motor Skills and Elementary Literacy Development in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Manuscript of Results-Lee and Hwang [.pdf] 

Indiana University Bloomington  Completed

PI – Dr. Sneha Bharadwa Co PI – Ellen A. Rhoades

Assessment and Intervention Pertaining to Auditory Memory in Elementary School Age Children with Hearing Loss 
Texas Woman’s University   9/1/19-12/31/24 
Dr. Martin Rosario 
Can a Noninvasive Neuromodulation Therapy Improve Neurocognitive and Neuromotor Alterations in People with HIV?

Texas Woman’s University 

PI – Dr. John Kranzler
Co PI – Kathrin E. Maki
Cognitive Profiles of Children and Youth Identified with Specific Learning Disabilities in a Response-to-Intervention Model 

University of Florida

Dr. Maryellen McClain Verdoes
Convergent Validity and Performance Consistency of Standardized Measures of Reading for Children with ASD 

Utah State University 


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