Move Well

Move for Life

Mission: To inform and encourage students to adopt personally relevant, lifelong movement practices and habits. We seek to assist students in their personal journey of  realizing their movement potential and its impact on overall, holistic wellbeing.

Move Well works with academic departments, Student Life, Fitness and Recreation, and the community to promote a wide variety of physical activity options. We are particularly focused on opportunities that students will be able to incorporate into their daily activities and continue throughout their lives. 

Why is Move Well important to health and wellbeing?

Movement is vital for body, mind, and spirit. It helps in weight management, reduces the development of health risks (such as depressions, anxiety, and insomnia), improves your quality of life, and increases your chances of living longer. In addition, regular physical activity can improve your thinking, learning, and judgment skills. Exploring opportunities for movement, including what kinds of practices and habits have an impact on wellness, will help you achieve its benefits.


  • Through the leadership of Fitness and Recreation, Texas Woman’s finished first place in the National AORE Campus Challenge: Most Outdoorsy School 2020. In addition, TWU also captured first place finishes in the following categories: Health/Wellness Champ, Developing Skills Champ, Personal Growth Champ, and Environmental Champ. While a huge success institutionally, Move Well has captured multiple personal stories from students as the result of their participation signifying how important interacting with the outdoors is on overall wellbeing and fitness.
  • Dr. Katherine Coffey revised KINS 1902: Fitness and Health: Enhancing Personal Wellness, a core curriculum class, to intentionally encompass all theme areas of the Health and Wellbeing Initiative, exposing 100s of new students to health and wellbeing. Graduate teaching assistants provide lectures on specific theme areas, creating professional development and leadership opportunities throughout the semester. For example, Barbara McAlister, Graduate Assistant for Move Well,  prepared and taught lessons on fascia care for improved range of motion and pain relief. 
  • Move Well piloted a survey to determine what students value and need regarding physical movement. This work served as the foundation for a health and wellbeing survey which was first administered in Fall 2020.
  • Fitness and Recreation provides 100s of programs, events, and classes throughout the year to  encourage student engagement in activities such as intramural sports, special events, group exercise, outdoor programming, climbing events, and fitness programming.
  • Partnered with NHSDA for Dance a Difference Week through marketing promotion and introductory dance lessons development. 
  • Assists Fitness and Recreation with the launch of Pioneer Strong!, a behavioral incentive program designed to encourage regular physical activity and campus engagement.
  • Multiple courses have included assignments specifically targeted towards Move Well. Some of them include:
    • KINS 1901: Fitness and Health Laboratory (All sections)
    • KINS 1902: Fitness and Health (All sections)
    • HS 1901 & 1902: Fitness and Health & Laboratory (Online sections)       

Committee Members

  • Katherine Coffey, Co-Lead, Health Promotion & Kinesiology, Associate Clinical Professor
  • Rupal Patel, Co-Lead, Physical Therapy Houston, Associate Professor 
  • Jessica Gillaspy, Health Promotion & Kinesiology, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Hope Zavalin, Risk Management, Environmental Health & Safety Specialist 
  • Elisa De La Rosa, SOA Dance, Assistant Professor
  • Erin Wimberly, Admissions, Assistant Director
  • Melissa Carr, Student Life, Manager Design Services
  • Deborah Testerman, Communication Science & Oral Health, Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Cory Church, Nursing Dallas, Assistant Professor
  • Allison Meguro, Fitness and Recreation, Interim Director

Current Move Well Projects

  • In continued efforts to align coursework with health and wellbeing theme areas, KINS 1902: Fitness and Health and HS 1902: Fitness and Health will be retitled to reflect the course alignment with the Health and Wellbeing initiative. The courses will also combine with the merger of the two departments of Kinesiology and Health Science to become the School of Health Promotion and Kinesiology. The combined new course title will be, SHPK 1902: Health and Wellbeing.
  • SHPK: Health and Wellbeing along with the new course design will be using Open Educational Resources, OERs, instead of traditional texts. This is a significant change to save students money and to promote lifelong learning & empower students to take personal responsibility for their own wellbeing. 
  • KINS 1901 & HP 1901: Fitness and Wellness laboratory will be re-written to become SHPK 1901; Introduction to Health and Wellness Coaching in the effort to infuse Health and Wellness Coach certification into the current curriculum.
  • Fitness and Recreation in collaboration with the Health and Wellbeing Initiative, will continue to integrate #VirtualFitness into its programming in an effort to broaden physical activity opportunities across the entire TWU community.

Goals for 2021-2022

  1. Increase visibility of Move Well on the Dallas and Houston Campuses. 
  2. Complete the HWI survey on the Dallas and Houston campuses.
  3. Work with Fitness and Recreation to encourage participation to pre-COVID levels on the Denton campus.
  4. Create one diverse and innovative Move Well activity per semester that engages participation from all three campuses.

Student Organization Champions

These student organizations reflect and support the overall mission of Move Well:

  • Kinesiology Club
  • Adapted Movement Club
  • Adapted Sport Club
  • Climbing Club
  • Soccer Club  
  • Community Movers
  • Pioneer Pride Dance Team
  • National Honor Society for Dance Arts
  • Pioneer Taekwondo Club
  • Pre-Physical Therapy Club
  • R.I.O.T. (Running Is Our Thing)
  • Student Occupational Therapy Association
  • Student Physical Therapy Organization
  • TWU Army ROTC

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