Build Well

Building a Better Future

Mission: To positively impact our health and wellbeing by assuring we build a sustainable, useable environment in which to learn, live, and work.

The Build Well theme seeks to assure that our environment can positively affect our ability to be physically active, access healthy food, lower personal expenses, maintain social connections, and leave a healthy planet for future generations.


Why is Build Well important to health and wellbeing?

The built environment is unique in that it can influence our eating habits, activity levels, finances,  mental wellbeing, and much more. Gaining a better understanding of how our physical environment affects facets in our lives can enable healthier choices and enhance our quality of life.



  • Texas Woman’s has become an institutional member in The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).
  • Build Well, through the direction of Jill Eckardt, has partnered with Recycle2Support to keep unwanted clothing and household items made from textiles out of our landfill. Three bins have been placed on the TWU Denton campus near residence halls to allow residents to dispose of their items in a safe and more sustainable way. In exchange, Recycle2Support provides funding back to TWU based on pounds of donated material.
  • TWU Facilities Management partners with the City of Denton to provide single-stream recycling to buildings on the Denton campus. Through this program, recyclables (paper, glass, metal) are collected twice weekly and taken to the Pratt Industries materials recycling facility in Denton.
  • Since 2016, Facilities has provided over 20 outdoor compacting recycle bins around the Denton campus. Find them on our map.
  • Housing offers a Green Room Certification program for students who wish to assess how sustainable they are in their daily lives. Through this program, Housing can publicly recognize and reward residents who are being sustainable. 
  • TWU Dining venues strive to reduce food waste and improve resource use by minimizing wastewater generated. Recent changes have included signage to encourage portion control in self service areas and discontinuing use of trays to lessen both food waste and water use in dishwashing.
  • BuildWell performs periodic mapping events across campus to assess the impact of current and existing projects on the student body. Students are able to give feedback on campus locations that they respond well to and believe are beneficial to the TWU community’s campus experience.
  • BuildWell works with student organizations to provide funding, social media promotion, or other support for events or programs that coincide with BuildWell theme goal areas. 
  • Submitted a Bicycle Friendly University application to the League of American Bicyclists in 2021 and received “Honorable Mention” on our first attempt.

Committee Members

  • Suzi Rumohr, Co-Lead, Librarian I
  • Ann Amuta, Co-Lead, Health Promotion & Kinesiology, Assistant Professor
  • Vivienne Born, History & Political Science, Assistant Professor
  • Vanessa Ellison, Center for Student Development, Graduate Assistant
  • Elif Isik, Nursing Houston, Assistant Professor
  • Elizabeth Mendoza, Financial Aid, Assistant Director
  • Pushkala Raman, Business, Professor
  • David Rylander, Business, Professor
  • Cindy Snider, Library, Manager Administrative Services
  • Drew Townsend, Risk Management, Director of Environmental Safety & Health
  • Wouter Van Erve, History & Political Science, Assistant Professor
  • Christina Williams, Facilities, Manager of Business & Support
  • Micheal Wilson, Fitness and Recreation, Coordinator of Outdoor Adventure

Build Well Projects

  • Build Well will spend the next year working with many TWU offices and departments to complete our first ever sustainability rating through the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System (STARS) from the Association for the Advancement for Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). This system is a transparent, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance.

Goals for 2021-2022

  1. Host one event in fall 2021 that features speaker(s) specialized in how our health and wellbeing is influenced by the physical design of the communities and cities where we live.
  2. Complete at least two “Key Steps to Bronze” identified in TWU’s Bicycle Friendly University application feedback from the League of American Bicyclists by the end of the Spring 2022 semester.
  3. Coordinate and implement a TWU Earth Day event in April, 2022.

Student Organization Champions

This student organization reflects and supports the overall mission of Build Well:

  • Roots 

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