Build Well

Building a Better Future

Mission: Exploring the connection between the spaces around us and their impact on our physical, mental, and financial wellbeing.

Why is Build Well important to health and wellbeing?

The built environment influences our eating habits, activity levels, finances, mental wellbeing, physical health, and lifespans. Gaining a better understanding of how our environments affect the many facets of our lives can enable healthier choices, enhance our quality of life, and help us better understand how to advocate community-level change.


  • Hosted an expert-led speaker event and workshop focused on how development patterns and our built environment affect community health and wellbeing as part of our celebration of Earth Month in April 2022. (We would like to add the video link here for our recorded session).
  • TWU received “Honorable Mention” as a Bicycle Friendly University from the League of American Bicyclists in 2021. In addition, Build Well has worked with Facilities to improve the quality and availability of bike racks on campus.
  • Build Well has partnered with Recycle2Support to keep unwanted clothing and household items made from textiles out of our landfill. Three bins have been placed on the TWU Denton campus near residence halls to allow residents to dispose of their items in a safe and more sustainable way. In exchange, Recycle2Support provides funding back to TWU based on pounds of donated material.
  • TWU Facilities Management partners with the City of Denton to provide single-stream recycling to buildings on the Denton campus. Through this program, recyclables (paper, glass, metal) are collected twice weekly and taken to the Pratt Industries materials recycling facility in Denton.
  • Since 2016, Facilities has provided over 20 outdoor compacting recycle bins around the Denton campus. Find them on our map.

Committee Members

  • Suzi Rumohr - Libraries (co-lead)
  • Wouter Van Erve - Department of Social Sciences and Historical Studies (co-lead)
  • Vivienne Born - Department of Social Sciences and Historical Studies
  • Elif Isik - Nursing (Houston)
  • Kimberly Johson - Libraries
  • Drew Townsend - Risk Management
  • Christina Williams - Facilities

Goals 2022-2023

  1. Encourage social interaction across all three campuses with “Happy to Chat” benches. 
  2. Continue work on creating and distributing TWU Bicycle Survey.
  3. Help found a TWU Bicycle Advisory Committee.

Student Organizations

This student organization reflects and supports the overall mission of Build Well:

  • Roots 

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