Eat Well

Feed your Success

Mission: To support TWU students to be well-nourished, more skilled at making healthier choices, and ready for life’s journey. We support holistic approaches to eating well with attention to social justice, the environment, and meeting the unique needs of each student.

Eat Well works with groups across the campuses to improve food security and the nutrition skills of TWU students. We are particularly focused on collaborative efforts to improve access to food through the support of mobile food banks, food distributions, food pantries, WIC, and SNAP. In addition, we develop both online and face-to-face efforts to teach students how to prepare foods in order to maximize their food dollars. Finally, Eat Well strives to educate students about making healthier choices through on-line videos, handouts, and by supporting the Vandagriff Nutrition Scholar(s).

Why is Eat Well important to our health and wellbeing?

When we eat healthy, sustainable food, we feed our minds, bodies, and spirits and, in doing so, we increase academic success and success in life. Thriving requires reliable access to food and the knowledge and skills to make healthier eating choices.


  • Student Life-Houston, through the collaborative efforts of Deborah Unruh and Dr. Carolyn Moore, have partnered with the Houston Area Food Bank to provide eligible food-insecure students food deliveries through the Food Scholarship Program.
  • The Campus Alliance for Resource Education Department (CARE) provides a running list of community resources for students, including food resources, and maintains a relationship with the Tarrant Area Food Bank Mobile Food Pantry for Denton campus deliveries. In addition, they have piloted a frozen meal sharing program through a collaboration with Chartwells and are planning to open a new food pantry on the Denton campus in the fall of 2021.
  • The Student Association for Social Work (SASW) and their faculty sponsor, Dr. Emarely Rosa-Davila, maintain a student food pantry on the 4th floor of Old Main, Denton campus. Students may access the pantry using their student ID and take what they need.
  • Through a collaboration with Housing and Dining Services, Chartwells, and CARE, TWU now offers Swipe Out Hunger, a program that allows students to donate excess dining card swipes to needy students.
  • Dr. Carolyn Moore, Dr. Kathleen Davis, and Houston statistician Wanyi Wang completed a 3 campus survey about student food insecurity. This research was published in the Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition in 2020 and was accepted as a presentation to the American Society of Nutrition.
  • Dr. Clare Brock & Dr. Kathleen Davis published a textbook chapter in 2021 titled “Identifying, Understanding, and Minimizing Nutrition Disparity to Grow Healthy Communities”.
  • Multiple courses have included assignments specifically targeted towards Eat Well. Some of them include:
    • GOV 3613, Politics of Food in America: students are writing a student-run blog on issues of food politics, including disparity and sustainability.
    • NFS 3173, Culture and Food: students are collecting cultural recipes to share with their fellow students.
    • NFS 5813, Nutrition Internship: TWU’s dietetic interns are creating culinary videos to show how to do basic cooking techniques.
    • NFS 4473, Nutrition Therapy & Education Methods: students are creating handouts for TWU students on various topics.
  • Nutrition and Food Sciences, CARE, California Walnuts, Fitness & Recreation, and Eat Well created and supported a low-cost, virtual nutrition summer camp for kids 7 to 17 years old to teach them about cooking skills and eating well. This highly successful collaboration has engaged over 150 kids and their families in healthy cooking and wellness activities since the summer of 2020.

Committee Members

  • Kathleen Davis, Co-Lead, Nutrition and Food Sciences, Assistant Professor
  • Carolyn Moore, Co-Lead, Nutrition and Food Sciences Houston, Associate Professor
  • Clare Brock, Political Science, Assistant Professor
  • Lin Moore, Literacy & Learning, Professor
  • Amy O’Keefe, Campus Alliance for Resource Education, Executive Director 
  • Deb Unruh, Student Life Houston, Assistant Director
  • Kris Reed, Library, Associate Dean of Libraries
  • Jennifer Flanagan, Business, Associate Professor
  • Alyssa Fiss, Physical Therapy Dallas, Summer Faculty
  • Barbara Byrd, Social Work, Senior Secretary

Eat Well Projects

  • Francilia Brito-Silva, a nutrition doctoral student, completed a detailed assessment of first year food insecurity on the Denton campus and will be piloting a project to improve first-year student food insecurity in Fall 2021.
  • The Vandagriff Scholar program has expanded to include both an undergraduate and graduate nutrition major position. In addition, online consultations have been developed to better serve the Denton, Dallas, and Houston campuses.
  • Chartwells, Housing and Dining Services, and CARE will be piloting a food recovery program.
  • Eat Well Committee members and the GA have created stand-alone lessons on mindful eating, body image, and snacking to use in HWI designated courses.
  • Eat Well Committee members will be volunteering with student organizations to work in Shiloh Gardens, the largest community garden in Texas, the Mobile Food Pantry, and the Houston Food Scholarship Program during the next academic year.

Goals for 2021-2022

  1. Increase awareness at TWU of existing food security resources.
  2. Maintain or increase use of existing on-campus food security resources.
  3. Improve food and nutrition resources available to food insecure students with particular emphasis on online resources.
  4. Increase awareness at TWU of existing resources for improving food and nutrition literacy.
  5. Develop curriculum related to Eat Well themes that can be used by faculty wishing to incorporate health and wellbeing subject matter into their coursework.

Student Organization Champions

These student organizations reflect and support the overall mission of Eat Well:

  • Food and Nutrition Network 
  • Phi Upsilon Omicron Honor Society 
  • The Student Association for Social Work 
  • Nutrition & Food Sciences Graduate Club 
  • Nutrition Graduate Student Association 

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