Book Projects under Consideration

A Yellow Rose Project

Edited by Meg Griffiths and Frances Jakubek

From diverse and modern perspectives within our pluralistic society, 150 women from across the United States join in a photographic collaboration responding to and reflecting upon the ratification of the 19th Amendment. Bridging past, present, and future, the goal of the book is to provide a focal point and physical platform for women image makers to share multiple viewpoints and offer deeper understandings of United States history and culture.

A Legacy of Gloria E. Anzaldúa: “May We Do Work that Matters”

Edited by Kimberly C. Merenda

Honoring former Texas Woman’s University student Gloria E. Anzaldúa, this book is an edited collection of essays composed by TWU graduate students, faculty, and alumni who have been influenced and inspired by Anzaldúa in their scholarly work and lives. One purpose of this edited collection is to elucidate, commemorate, and build upon Anzaldúa’s theoretical innovations; an intersecting purpose is to show how in the pursuit of social justice Anzaldúa’s ideas can be extended in manifold directions, can be adapted to different disciplines, and can be conveyed through different methodologies. 

Vivian Castleberry: The Cultural Catalyst

Written by Carol Donovan

This biography spans the personal and professional life of legendary Texas woman journalist and Texas Women’s Hall of Fame inductee Vivian Castleberry. A pioneer and role model for women, Castleberry brought her passion for truth and justice to her journalism and became a catalyst for change in Texas culture. This book invites readers into the remarkable life of a truly remarkable woman.

Texas Women in Conservation

Written by Valarie S. Bristol and Jennifer L. Bristol

TWU’s book series is proud to share this book with Texas State University’s Meadows Center for Water and the Environment book series. Showcasing the valuable work that women leaders have contributed to the preservation of the wild places and space of Texas, this book tells the story of past and present women who have dared to make changes in their communities and state. In focusing upon the challenges that these determined women faced and the barriers that they had to overcome, this book inspires others to step forward and take action in Texas conservation.

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