A view of the statue of the Pioneer Woman, Minerva, on TWU's Denton campus.
TWU Book Series

TWU Book Series

Pioneering Women: Leaders and Trailblazers

Texas Woman’s interdisciplinary book series works with authors exploring innovative knowledge, creativity, and discoveries shaped by women and women’s experiences.

A sponsoring institute for Texas A&M Press, books developed as part of the series are passed to Texas A&M Press for peer review.

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Under the guidance of the Jane Nelson Institute for Women’s Leadership, the book series works with both established and emerging scholars whose work features women’s intellectual leadership and matters affecting the lives of women. We define “intellectual leadership” broadly, to include both visionary and practical dimensions as well as the ability to inspire, influence, and guide individuals or groups toward achieving common goals and objectives.

The book series seeks monographs, edited collections, theoretical analyses, biographies, memoirs, historical and contemporary studies, and illustrated volumes of visual art or photography.

The book series wishes to acknowledge its appreciation of Nancy P. and Thaddeus E. Paup, whose generosity has made this series possible.


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AnaLouise Keating
General Editor

Kimberly C. Merenda
Managing Editor

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