TWU Requirements for TExES Exams

Because passing the TExES exams is a state requirement for teaching certification, policies and procedures are in place to encourage and support students in TWU’s Educator Preparation program in passing their exams by the time they graduate.

TWU TExES Policy

To enroll in clinical teaching, residency, or internship for initial certification, you must pass the TExES exams according to the schedule below:

  • One Semester Clinical Teaching or Two Semester Internship: All TExES exams must be passed.
  • Two Semester Residency: TExES Content and Science of Teaching Reading (if applicable) exams must be passed prior to Residency I; TExES PPR and supplemental exams must be passed prior to completion of Residency II.

TExES Test Preparation

The TWU TExES PREP Center administers the official TExES Practice Exams. Students who want to take a practice exam should click on the appropriate link in the left menu of this website. The TWU TExES PREP Center website also has information on other TExES preparation resources and services provided by the Center such as workshops, study guides and other study materials, some of which are available for checkout and some which are available online. You are encouraged to explore the PREP Center website or visit the Center in 218 Stoddard Hall to learn more about preparation and review resources. If you have questions about the TWU policy, procedures or practices regarding TExES exams you can email Additional information on TExES exams including online test preparation materials (i.e. Study Guides for the TExES) is available from Pearson at the Pearson TExES website.

TExES Test Accommodations

Students with learning disabilities are responsible for requesting their own reasonable TExES exam accommodations or alternative testing arrangements through their Pearson account when registering for an exam. Recent, diagnostic tests and documentation listing the specific disability and necessary accommodations are required. Students must be ready to provide all documentation when registering for the exam and paying the required fees. Applying for accommodations may take several weeks, and candidates should allow ample time in order to meet testing deadlines. For more information, visit Texas Educator Certification Examination Program Alternative Testing Arrangements.

Page last updated 4:19 PM, March 27, 2024