Register for Practice TExES Exams

Practice exams for the Texas Exams of Educator Standards (TExES) are available for candidates admitted to the TWU Educator Preparation Program. They are an excellent way to receive feedback on your readiness to take the actual state exam and identify areas needed for additional review. Along with your results you will receive suggestions on your next steps for taking and passing the state TExES exam.

Effective September 6, 2022, students have the choice of either taking the TExES Prep Center (TPC) practice tests or the 240 Tutoring post-test.

240 Tutoring Post-test Option

  1. Request a discount code to purchase 240 Tutoring for $40. Email to request the discount code.
  2. 240 Tutoring supports all certification exams except EC-12 Art, EC-12 Music, EC-12 Theater, Family Consumer Sciences, and Educational Diagnostician.
  3. Complete 240 Tutoring pre-test and utilize all other 240 Tutoring resources to prepare for the post-test.
  4. Email score report to Katy Eshelman ( or Linda Kobler ( once post-test is completed with a passing rate of 80% or higher.

TExES Prep Center Practice Test Option

The TExES Prep Center (TPC) uses Examity, an online proctoring service, in order ensure the academic integrity of testing and provide students the flexibility of taking exams at home. Practice exams are offered throughout the year.

  1. Register for a TPC practice exam by clicking the link below to begin the registration process. Do NOT use Examity to register for a practice exam.
  2. Pay a fee of $25 per practice exam. 

The student must decide to take either the TPC practice tests or the 240 Tutoring post-tests to demonstrate readiness for state test approval. The tests do not mix and match. Students whose content area is not offered on 240 Tutoring will continue to take the TPC practice exam. These content areas include: Art, Educational Diagnostician, Family Consumer Sciences, Music and Theater.

Register for a practice exam

For questions about registering for a TExES practice exam, email the TExES PREP Center or review our TExES Prep Center Testing Policy.

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