About the TExES Exams

Passing scores on the Texas Examinations of Educator Standards, or TExES exams, are required by the Texas Education Agency for everyone seeking teacher certification in Texas. TWU’s teacher education programs are designed to prepare our students for successfully passing the certification exams required by each student’s degree plan. Therefore, courses and other requirements of TWU’s teacher education programs are aligned with the competencies of the TExES exams. All teacher certification candidates must pass at least two TExES exams, but may be required to take more than two. Required TExES exams are described below.

  1. The Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR) EC-12 (160) exam. This exam addresses a person’s knowledge and skill in effective instructional practices. The professional education courses at TWU are aligned with the thirteen competencies of the PPR TExES exam and, according to state regulations, every person seeking teacher certification must take this exam.
  2. The content TExES exam. There are multiple content TExES exams, each assessing an individual’s knowledge in the content field and level in which s/he wishes to certify to teach, i.e., EC-6 Core Subjects, 7-12 Math, 4-8 Social Studies, etc. The content courses a student is required to take are designed to prepare the student to pass his or her content TExES exam. Each student takes the content exam appropriate to his/her teaching field.
  3. Supplemental TExES Exams. Teacher Education students may also be required to take additional TExES exams if a particular exam is required by their specific degree plan. For instance, a student who is pursuing an EC-6 Core Subjects Special Education certification would be required to take the Special Education Supplemental TExES exam (163) as well as the PPR and the EC-6 Core Subjects TExES exams. Another common supplemental exam some students take is the English as a Second Language (154) TExES.

Students and other individuals who are seeking initial teaching certification must have the approval of their teacher preparation program to register for the actual state TExES exams. TWU requires specific steps and activities to be completed by students in order for that approval to be given. Visit TWU Requirements for TExES Exams for more information about this.

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