PREP Center Canvas Site

The TExES PREP Center Canvas site contains various resources and materials for exam preparation. These include:

  • Overviews of the TExES exams and test strategies
  • PowerPoints and videos of test preparation workshops
  • Detailed lists of books, materials and resources available through the TExES PREP Resource Center
  • Online reviews of exam questions, answers and explanations
  • The TWU EPP monitors candidate progress and determines readiness to test via instructional benchmarks, course assessments, and certification practice exams. Once the candidate demonstrates test readiness, the TWU EPP will grant test approval for the appropriate state exam(s) required for certification, per the candidate’s degree plan or plan of study.

While much of the information, materials and resources on the site may be accessed and used anywhere, the PREP Reviews must be done in the Resource Center due to test security and confidentiality. We also use the Canvas site to keep the teacher preparation community at TWU informed about resources, policies, procedures and other information regarding teacher certification testing.

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Page last updated 3:50 PM, November 15, 2023