Virtual Test Registration & Payment


A virtual testing voucher allows candidates to complete the TSI Assessment 2 remotely. Please note: purchasing a testing voucher only covers the online test materials; students must also pay a proctoring fee to the remote proctor vendor. Academic Testing Services recommends students select a location for testing that provides a comfortable, private environment conducive to academic testing. 

Test candidates may purchase a virtual testing voucher online via the Hyperlink in Step 4. After payment is submitted, candidates will receive a testing voucher via email that can be used to register for their TSI2 test. For this reason, candidates should provide an email address that is easily accessible high school and parent emails are not acceptable forms of email; current students are encouraged to use their TWU email address or a personal email. After students receive the test voucher, they should schedule and pay for a proctor session with the remote proctoring vendor. It is required that students read through the step by step guide as posted below. 

*Testing Vouchers are good for ONE USE only. Students wanting to test multiple times will need to purchase a NEW voucher each time they choose to test.

*Vouchers are only valid for 14 days after that your voucher will expire and you will need to purchase a new voucher. 

*Vouchers are made during office hours only and are not made on weekends.

*Vouchers are non-refundable

Fee Schedule

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Remote Proctor VendorVirtual Test VoucherRemote Proctor SessionTotal Cost
Proctortrack  $25/all subjects  $15 $40


*Updated: 05/09/2022

Step-By-Step Scheduling Process & Links


STEP 1: Verify your TSI requirements and sections required.

    • TWU students should check their TWU Pioneer Portal.
    • Non TWU students should consult their respective institution’s advisors/counselors or check their school’s portal, if possible.

STEP 2: Ensure your computer meets the system requirements. 

    • Accuplacer System Check is located on the bottom right of the Accuplacer web page.
    • Technical Requirements for Proctortrack
    • Students must have a built-in or external webcam, microphone, and speakers in order to test via a virtual remote voucher.
    • Chrome books, phones and tablets are not compatible with virtual proctoring.

STEP 3: Complete the TWU Pre-Assessment online and save the certificate to your desktop or a designated folder for your personal records. 

    • Select TWU as your testing location when completing the PAA.
    • A confirmation email will be sent to the email provided by the candidate. High school ISD emails are prohibited. Please use a personal email specifically for the individual testing.
    • Student’s planning to attend TWU should provide their TWU ID number. TWU ID numbers are 7 digits in length this includes Dual Credit students. Non-TWU students should use the ID number provided by their respective institution/school.
    • Virtual proctors will ask for verification of the Pre-Assessment.

STEP 4: Navigate to TWU’s payment page to register and pay for the Virtual Testing Voucher.

    • Please allow 1 to 2 business days for voucher processing. TWU does not create vouchers after office hours and on weekends.
    • The Voucher code will be emailed to the address provided upon purchase. Again, High School ISD emails and parent emails are prohibited. Instead, testers should use a personal email  that is specifically for the testing candidate. Follow the instructions on the email regarding Proctortrack's testing procedures and requirements to register for an appointment with Proctortrack.
    • A second email will be sent from the following: Accuplacer<> Please be sure to check your junk/spam folders.
    • The subject line for the email will read: Remote Voucher Notification.

STEP 5: Schedule a testing appointment with ProctorTrack. 

    • We recommend that students view Proctor Track's "Student Quick Guide" in order to get a general overview of how Proctortrack works. 
    • We also recommend viewing Proctortrack's "Student Detailed Manual" which walks students through registering with Proctortrack in depth.
    • To view more resources for ProctorTrack visit Proctortrack's General Information Page for Students. This web page contains information on ID requirements, system requirements, and instructions for utilizing Proctortrack, including tutorials.

For questions or concerns please contact TWU’s Academic Testing Services at or (940)-898-2961.

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