Accessing TSI Scores & College Bridge Certificates

How do I get a copy of my Texas College Bridge Certificate?

Texas College Bridge provides the following tools to assist students in claiming their certificate(s): 

How do I get a copy of my TSIA/TSIA2 scores? 

Candidates may retrieve their scores directly from CollegeBoard using the Accuplacer Student Portal. Candidates must enter the Student ID used on the day of testing.  

Accuplacer Student Portal 

I tested at another institution. How can I submit my TSI scores to TWU? 

  1. Candidates can retrieve their scores from the Accuplacer Student Portal, mark them with their TWU student ID number, and submit them to the Office of Admissions Processing.
  2. Candidates can submit official high school and college transcripts containing TSIA/TSIA2 scores to the Office of Admissions Processing
  3. Candidates can complete and submit the TWU Score Release Form, giving TWU permission to retrieve the scores on the candidate's behalf.

Score Release Form 

I tested at TWU and need to submit my TSI scores to another institution.

  1. Testing candidates receive a copy of their scores when they complete their test session. You can submit those to the requesting institution.
  2. The requesting institution may have a form, similar to TWU's Score Release Form, that will allow them to permission to retrieve the scores on your behalf. Please contact the institution directly. TWU does not email or mail score reports to other Texas public institutions.
  3. Retrieve your scores from the Accuplacer Student Portal and submit them to the requesting institution as instructed. 

Interpreting My TSI Scores

The CollegeBoard provides this guide for interpreting your TSIA scores.

The CollegeBoard provides this guide for interpreting your TSIA2 scores.


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