Mandatory Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA)

Before taking TSIA2, the student must participate in a mandatory Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA). The PAA is only an exercise to be completed and will not be scored. Students are required to take the PAA on their own, either at home or at school; students should spend less than 30 minutes on the PAA

Upon completion of the PAA, the student will receive an emailed proof of completion certificate and will be eligible to register for TSIA2. IMPORTANT: All testers taking the PAA should not use a high school email, or parent's email. Please be sure to use a personal email, or TWU email that you, the student, have easy access to. Students should bring a copy of the PAA certificate of completion with them to the scheduled testing appointment as either a physical copy, or a digital copy that can be shown using a phone in addition to uploading the PAA certificate within the exam registration. 

How to access the PAA: 

  • To access the PAA students must create an account for the Practice app, if one has not been previously created. The link for this is located above. 
  • After successfully logging in, the student will select TSIA2-PAA to access the PAA. 
  • The student will click "Next" to confirm and be taken to a new screen where they will select "Begin Pre-Assessment Activity." 

PAA Content: 

  • Step 1: Students will select their institution - Students testing for TWU, including Dual Credit testing administered by TWU, will need to select Texas Woman's University as their institution." 
  • Step 2: Importance of the PAA -This section gives the student information about the purpose of the test, its importance, how it's designed, and how long it can take.
  • Step 3: Sample Tests - Students must complete 10 sample questions for ELAR and Math. Students will have access to accessibility tools and calculator/highlighter tools as they would be in the standard testing environment come test day. 
  • Step 4: Developmental Education Options - High school complete students will receive a brief overview of the DE course interventions. All students will receive information regarding retest options. 
  • Step 5: Institutional and Community Resources and Tips for Success 

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