Managing Pioneer Engage

Student Leader Guide to Managing your Pioneer Engage Page

Editing Your Personal Account Info

  1. Go to Pioneer Engage
  2. Click SIGN IN (log in with your TWU Pioneer Portal log in info.)
  3. Click on circle in right corner with your initial on it. This opens your “User Drawer”
  4. Click Account under your name
  5. Some info will be pre-filled but fill out the rest of your profile as you please.
  6. At the top, click Privacy Settings — this is where you can decide if you want to show on your organizations rosters.
  7. At the top, click notifications. This is where you set your preferences for the notifications you would like to get.

Other features in your "user drawer"

  • The My Memberships link will allow you to see current and past org memberships held. You can reflect on what you learned/did in each org or in each position, you held. You could make a bulleted list of accomplishments/duties, so you could use them on a resume in the future.
  • The Service Hours link is where you can go to track the volunteer hours you complete.
  • The Co-Curricular Transcript link is a way that you can track all of your involvement throughout your time here at TWU.
  • The Submissions link is where you can look at all of your submitted submissions to any forms, elections, organizations registrations, and events
  • The notifications link is where you can read all of your notification messages in the system.

Updating Your Organization’s Page

Only members or officers, who the organization has given management access to, will have access to update their organizations page. Please contact your organization’s president if you need management access.

  1. Go to Pioneer Engage
  2. Click SIGN IN (log in with your TWU Pioneer Portal log in info.)
  3. Click on the switchboard (small squares in upper right corner)
  4. Click manage
  5. Click on Org name in the Action Center
  6. Upper left-hand corner click three lines next to org name to open your Organization Tool Drawer
  7. Click on ABOUT
  8. Update summary, full description (link your social media accounts here), upload a profile picture, optional contact info, external website, and meeting dates and times
  9. Click Update to make sure info is saved

Adding Documents (in org tool drawer)

  • Click on drop down bar and click documents
  • Choose document type, then click add file

Adding Photos (in org tool drawer)

  • Click Gallery
  • Click Create album
  • Follow steps to upload photos

Creating Forms (in org tool drawer)

  • Click Forms
  • Click Create Form (similar to google forms)
  • Follow steps to establish for and create questions
  • When you are done adding questions, at the top of the page click “back to forms” and then if you are ready to share your active form. Click publish to get access to a direct link to share.

Creating Events to Advertise (in org tool drawer)

  • Click events
  • Click create event
  • Enter your event information. Once you submit your event info, the CSD will have to approve it to be shown on the event calendar. Please note that this is NOT how you reserve a room on campus. You still have to make the reservations on EMS, but this is a tool to advertise your events to all students on campus!

Page last updated 7:01 AM, March 24, 2020