How to Start an Organization

Questions to consider before starting an organization

  • Which category (Academic, Cultural, Greek, Honorary, Religious, Special Interest, Sports Clubs, or University Sponsored) best describes your organization?
    • If you are applying as a sponsored organization you will need an endorsement letter signed by the sponsoring department's director or department chair, so use this letter template to get signed.
  • What will you name your new organization? Organizational goals and purpose?
    • Is there an existing organization that would fill this need of which these community members could become a part? Many organizations are open to new ideas and suggestions for new programs. Would the idea fit into a preexisting organization?
  • Do you have at least 5 students interested in your organization when applying?
  • What do you require of students to gain membership in your organization?
  • What are the reasons a student should join your organization?
  • How will your new organization benefit the TWU community?
  • Who will serve as your faculty/staff advisor?
  • How will you elect leadership and/or officers?
  • Have you thought about what you would place in a Constitution? You will have to provide a copy of your constitution at the time you submit your application (see steps below).

Steps for becoming a registered organization on campus

Step 1: Attend a New Student Organization 101 Session with the Assistant Director for Involvement and Special Events. These are offered monthly for those interested in learning the process, rules, and requirements for starting up a new organization. Though it helps to have a basic concept of your organization (e.g., name, purpose, mission), you don't need to have anything else prepared in advance in order to attend one of these sessions. Visit Pioneer Engage to RSVP. 

Step 2: Create your proposed organization's constitution. Your constitution should reflect the purpose and goals of the organization and should include guidelines to govern the organization. Follow the  Student Organization Sample Constitution and Constitution Checklist when creating one for your organization. 

Step 3: Secure an eligible faculty or staff member to serve as the organization’s advisor. If you are unsure where to find an advisor, the Center for Student Development has a list of available faculty and staff we can connect you with. 

Step 4: Submit your New Organization Registration Application. To do so: 

  1. Log into Pioneer Engage using your Pioneer Portal login.
  2. Once you are logged in click on “ORGANIZATIONS”, which brings up the list of our current organizations on campus.
  3. On the left side of the page click “REGISTER AN ORGANIZATION”
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of that page and click “REGISTER A NEW ORGANIZATION” – complete the application and upload your constitution when prompted, then submit your application.

Step 5: Once your application is submitted, you will receive probationary status. The probationary status allows for a Pioneer Engage page to be created for you and you can begin formally recruiting members. The Assistant Director for Involvement and Special Events will work with you to make any necessary changes to your constitution.

Step 6: Once you’ve secured at least 5 members:

  1. Ratify your constitution amongst the petitioning membership of the organization and submit a final copy to the Center for Student Development for review.
  2. Elect at least three officers as provided by the organization's university-approved constitution/bylaws.
  3. Add all members to the Pioneer Engage page including at least 5 TWU students and faculty or staff advisor(s). 
  4. Draft a Risk Management Policy for your student organization and submit it to the Center for Student Development for review. Follow the template when creating one for your organization.

Step 7: Complete required officer training:

  1. Complete risk management compliance training. This is required for student officers and advisors.
  2. Attend a New Student Organization Orientation session. 

Registered student organizations must adhere to the following

  • Shall be open to all TWU students regardless of race, creed, disability, sexual orientation, age and/or sex (National sororities, NPC and NPHC groups, are exempt from gender discrimination under Title IX Education Code).
  • Shall be led by TWU student officers elected or appointed by the organization.
  • Shall have one (1) TWU faculty and/or staff advisors.
  • Shall meet a genuine, demonstrated student interest of at least five (5) TWU students.
  • Shall uphold all University rules and regulations in addition to all state and federal laws.
  • Shall be composed of TWU students only.
  • Shall re-register their organizations annually. Please note that an organization must complete the new student organization process if the group has not been registered for a full academic year.
  • Shall not use “Texas Woman’s University” or “TWU” in its official title, logo or financial documents, including checking accounts and signature cards.
  • Shall submit an updated local constitution and/or national constitution (if applicable) annually.
  • Shall not use the TWU Tax ID number. Each student organization is encouraged to apply for an organization Tax ID number with the IRS.
  • Shall not participate in any hazing activities or activities that would fall under the guidelines of hazing.
  • Shall not serve, sell or consume alcoholic beverages at any organization meeting or function on or off campus.
  • Shall adhere to all publicity and posting policies.
  • Shall update student organization officer and adviser information each semester or as changes/transitions take place.

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