Maroon Money Month

April is Maroon Money Month!

Student Money Management Center Texas Womans University presents: Maroon Money Month. To promote Financial Literacy Month, the SMMC invites you to participate in an exciting month of activities in April 2024!

The Student Money Management Center (SMMC) is conducting a variety of engaging and educational activities in April, which has been named Maroon Money Month at TWU, in recognition of National Financial Literacy Month. From in-person games and presentations to virtual information sessions and workshops, the SMMC team is offering something for everyone across all campuses and the online community.

The SMMC, which opened in August 2021, is excited to promote National Financial Literacy Month for just the third time. The center has teamed up with several content experts and campus partners to offer more than 20 events.

About Financial Literacy Month

Financial Literacy Month, which is celebrated every year in April, was first recognized in the United States in 2004 to raise public awareness of the importance of financial literacy and maintaining smart money management habits. Organizations across the country celebrate achievements in improving financial literacy and conduct events throughout the month.

How can I get involved?

Detailed information about all programming can be found in Pioneer Engage as well as the TWU Calendar of Events. Virtual programs will be conducted on Zoom and require participants to pre-register.

A listing of events for Maroon Money Month, also found in page text

Everyone is encouraged to follow the center’s Instagram and Facebook social media accounts (@twumaroonmoney) for the most current information.

Find 2024 Maroon Money Events here as well!

More questions? Contact us:

Chalese Connors
Director, Student Money Management Center
(940) 898-3511
Gabrielle Pringle Onwunaka
Assistant Director, Student Money Management Center
(940) 898-4053


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