About the Center

The Student Money Management Center, a part of the Division of Finance and Administration, opened in August 2021 on the Denton campus. The Center provides financial education programs and services to help students learn money management skills they can use now and in the future.

Given TWU’s diverse student body, including many financially vulnerable student populations, and the goals established by the State of Texas to reduce student loan debt, we are particularly mindful of educating students on how to responsibly finance their education. Through research, assessment, and collaboration with other departments on campus, we want to be part of the solution where students can successfully navigate financial barriers and be academically successful.

Our mission

To help students make informed financial decisions while becoming fiscally responsible graduates

Our vision

We want our students to graduate with responsible levels of student debt, a lower risk of default, and the skills to financially thrive.

Our goals

  • Help students understand key personal finance topics
  • Gain institutional insight into the financial issues that threaten our students’ paths toward graduation
  • Identify barriers that cause student financial stress and work to find solutions
  • Help students understand responsible student debt levels
  • Participate in institutional efforts to help students succeed and reduce their risk of loan default

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