Standing Committees & Representatives/Liaisons


Academic Freedom and Responsibility Committee

Addresses issues related to the conditions of faculty employment and faculty practices, as well as faculty’s civil, academic, and intellectual rights. (5-6 members or more)

  • Chair – John Terrizzi (CAS)
  • Sarah Gamblin (CAS)
  • Amanda Hurlbut (COPE)
  • Becky Keele (CON)
  • Emarely Rosa-Davila (CAS)
  • Katie Rose (COPE)

Academic Standards Committee

Addresses issues related to the academic functioning of the University. The issues might include admission standards, academic progression, academic support services, and academic integrity. (5-6 members or more)

  • Chair – Jacob Blosser (CAS)
  • Vic Ben Ezra (CHS)
  • Katie Rose (COPE)
  • William Sit (CHS)
  • Asha Vas (CHS)
  • Gilbert Werema (COB)

Administrator Evaluation Committee

Responsible for all aspects of evaluation of administrators by faculty, including the development and revision of evaluations, instruments, policies and procedures, and statistical analysis of the evaluation results. (4-6 members or more)

  • Chair – Lizabeth Spoonts (CHS)
  • Christina Bickley (CHS)
  • Katie Mitchell (CHS)
  • William Sit (CHS)
  • John Terrizzi (CAS)
  • Jennifer Woo (CON)

Budget and Planning Committee

Coordinates the ongoing process of shared governance with the administration as it relates to budget and planning. (5-6 members or more)

  • Chair – Ludovic Sourdot (COPE)
  • Rita DelloStritto (CON)
  • Parker Hevron (CAS)
  • Michael Raisinghani (COB)
  • Cynthia Warren (CHS)

Selection Committee

Recommends Senators from membership on the Senate Standing Committees and performs functions related to University committees. (5-6 members)

  • Chair – Rita DelloStritto (CON)
  • Jacob Blosser (CAS)
  • John Humphrey (LIB)
  • Amanda Hurlbut (COPE)
  • Cynthia Warren (CHS)
  • Gilbert Werema (COB)

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Responsible for Constitution & Bylaws for the Senate, considers amendments, and may be called upon to draft Senate resolutions. (5-6 members or more)

  • Chair – Sarah Gamblin (CAS)
  • Wyona Freysteinson (CON)
  • Laurie Galatas (CON)
  • Katy Mitchell (CHS)
  • Paul Thomas (CAS)

Elections Committee

Responsible for conducting the Faculty Senate elections and the election of faculty to serve on designated University committees. (5 members)

  • Chair – Paul Thomas (CAS)
  • Wyona Freysteinson (CON)
  • John Humphrey (LIB)
  • Shawnda Smith (CAS)
  • Asha Vas (CHS)

Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism Committee*

Responsible for addressing faculty concerns and reviewing policies and procedures related to issues of equity, inclusion, and anti-racism at the University.  (3–5 members)

  • Chair – Emarely Rosa-Davila (CAS)
  • Wyona Freysteinson (CON)
  • Sarah Gamblin (CAS)
  • Noah Lelek (CAS)
  • Jennifer Woo (CON)

*Standing Committee pending approval.

Faculty Handbook Committee

Responsible for managing all aspects of the TWU Faculty Handbook which is designed “to provide new and continuing faculty information about TWU.” This committee will work with the VP for Academic Affairs to ensure that information in the Faculty Handbook and the University Policies are similar.

  • Chair – Peggy Landrum (CON)
  • Brian Fehler (CAS)
  • Gayle Night (CON)
  • Shawnda Smith (CAS)
  • Ludovic Sourdot (COPE)

Representatives to Select University Committees, Councils & Taskforces

  • Athletic Council – Emarely Rosa-Davila
  • Curriculum Committee – Paul Thomas
  • Distance Education Advisory Committee – Michael Raisinghani
  • Faculty Evaluation & Development Committee – Lizabeth Spoonts
  • Graduate Council – Sarah Gamblin
  • Undergraduate Council – Shawnda Smith

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