Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is responsible for shared governance with the TWU Administration in that the Senate recommends academic policies, provides a voice for faculty concerns and issues germane to the Faculty Senate mandate that are pertinent to faculty at the individual, group, or department level. If you have an issue or concern that you wish to share with the Faculty Senate, please email facultysenate@twu.edu to contact the Faculty Senate office and the Speaker of the Faculty Senate.

The Senate is comprised of 30 elected Senators who represent the four Colleges and TWU Libraries; each Senator serves a term of two years and may be re-elected for two terms, for a total of six consecutive years of service on the Senate. Following those six years, a faculty member must be off the Senate for at least one year before he/she can be elected to the Senate again.

The Senators serve on nine Standing Committees as follows:

  • Academic Freedom and Responsibility
  • Academic Standards
  • Administrator Evaluation
  • Budget and Planning
  • Committee Selection
  • Constitution and Bylaws
  • Elections
  • Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism
  • Faculty Handbook

The Senate members include a liaison to the Texas Council of Faculty Senates which meets twice a year.

The Parliamentarian of the Senate is appointed by the Executive Committee in the spring or summer of each year. The outgoing Speaker serves in an ex-officio status as an advisor to the new Speaker.

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