Torchbearers are volunteers approved by academic component leadership whose job is to inspire and rally the TWU community during the SECC fundraising campaign. 

In order to ensure the safety of our Torchbearers, you will not be asked to collect or handle donation forms submitted by faculty and staff.  Rather, we will be encouraging donors to utilize our online donation submission system. Donors who wish to submit physical donation forms and cash or checks will be asked to send them directly to our SECC committee via snail or campus mail. 

THE TORCHBEARER'S PRIMARY ROLE will be to act as the contact point for your group should they have any questions, disseminate information to encourage participation, and assist in coordinating your group's participation in event activities.

If you have questions, please contact Nora Sierra at or 940-898-3352.

Torchbearer Training & Luncheon

Friday, September 25th @ 12:00 – 1:30 p.m.
via Zoom

Click here to signup as a torchbearer!

For those who were unable to attend or would like a refresher and ideas on encouraging participation, check out our Torchbearer Training webpage.

Dallas Torchbearers

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Component/Department Name Torchbearer Phone Number Email Address
Physical Therapy Mari Villasana 214-869-7700


Houston Torchbearers

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Component/Department Name Torchbearer Phone Number Email Address
Library Marilyn Goff 713-794-2481
Occupational Therapy Chandra Jones 713-794-2123
Physical Therapy Maggie Grymes 713-794-2069


Denton Torchbearers

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Component/Department Name Torchbearer Phone Number Email Address
Admissions & Admission Processing Nikole Chew-Jones 940-898-3270
Biology Elizabeth Fawcett 940-898-2351
Bursar's Office Theresa Switzer 940-898-3574
Campus Alliance for Resource Education Melanie Baker 940-898-3589
Career Connections Center Laura Shackelford 940-898-2950
Center for Faculty Excellence Angie Fielder 940-898-3228
Center for Student Development, and Diversity, Inclusion & Outreach Gina Byrom 940-898-2766
Center for Women Entrepreneurs Samantha Farmer 940-898-2895
Chancellor & President Nichole Lantis 940-898-3207
College of Arts & Sciences, Dean's Office Veronica Durham 940-898-3853
College of Business Mahesh Raisinghani 940-898-2930
College of Nursing Kristy Reaves 940-268-7383
College of Professional Education, Dean's Office Geneva Quincy 940-898-2204
Communication Sciences & Oral Health Debra Stolinsky 940-898-2870
Controller's Office Sandra Conrad 940-898-3533
Counseling & Psychological Services Denise Lucero-Miller 940-898-3801
Dance Dayna Ballenger 940-898-2056
English, Speech & Foreign Language Charles Dyer 940-898-2323
Executive Vice Provost Preciosa Johnson 940-898-3500
Facilities Management & Construction Shelly David 940-898-3130
Facilities Management & Construction Pamela Miller 940-898-3137
Finance & Administration Ann Kolodetsky 940-898-3506
Financial Aid Sarah Andress 940-206-7916
Fitness & Recreation Stephanie Gray 940-898-2900
General Counsel & Compliance Alex Yarbro 940-898-3250
Health Promotion & Kinesiology Paula Tanner 940-898-2532
History & Political Science Vivienne Born 940-898-2144
Housing & Dining Evan Saperstein 940-898-3681
Human Development, Family Studies, & Counseling Adam Jones 801-200-4504
Human Development, Family Studies, & Counseling Naomi Graham 940-898-2699
Human Resources Rhonda Redfearn 940-898-3554
ID Systems & University Events Beth Lewis 940-898-3645
International Affairs Stacy Richter 940-898-2228
Library Andy Tucker 940-898-3709
Library & Information Studies Mary Honard 940-898-2603
Literacy & Learning Peggy Lisenbee 940-898-2635
Marketing & Communication Elizabeth Gustwick 940-898-3450
Mathematics & Computer Science Brandi Falley 940-898-2176
Multicultural Women's & Gender Studies Charles Dyer 940-898-2323
Music Danielle Woolery 940-898-2588
Nutrition and Food Sciences Stephanie Turkel 940-898-2468
Occupational Therapy Tammy Hood 940-898-2819
Pioneer Center for Student Excellence Kate Stokes 940-898-4106
Procurement & Contract Services Brandy Mitchell 940-230-3974
Psychology & Philosophy Titus Asbury 940-898-2318
Registrars Office Nancy Albee 325-480-9414
Research & Sponsored Programs Amy Layton 940-898-3375
Risk Management Carrie Gartman 940-898-3123
Scholar Programs Sonja Wesley 940-898-3590
Social Work Nila Ricks 940-898-2077
Sociology Ivy Naude 940-898-2052
Student Health Services Tanisha Freeman 940-898-3845
Student Life Adelina Spaulding 940-898-3615
Student Union & Conference Services David Sweeten 940-898-3640
Teacher Education Aimee Myers 940-898-2244
Teacher Education Amanda Hurlbut 940-898-2280
Teaching & Learning with Technology Heidi Collins 940-898-3200
Technology Wallace Campbell 940-898-3982
Theatre Patrick Bynane 940-898-2518
Undergraduate Studies Carolina Sheeder 940-898-3439
University Advancement & Alumni Engagement Michele Kyle 940-898-3862


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