Torchbearers are volunteers approved by academic component leadership whose job is to inspire and rally the TWU community during the SECC fundraising campaign.  These individuals represent their academic component, are the contact person for submitting SECC donations and who can answer questions about the TWU SECC fundraising activities.

Torchbearer Training & Luncheon

Thursday, September 12th @ 12:00 – 1:30 p.m.
TWU Library — Room 101

(Registration deadline for Torchbearer Training & Luncheon — Tuesday, September 10th)

At this Torchbearer Training & Luncheon, Torchbearers will pick up the SECC donation forms for their respective academic component, receive a free lunch, and participate in fun-filled training activities! It is important that all torchbearers attend if possible. We hope to see you there!

Component leaders will forward the Torchbearer Registration Form to those they request represent their group so that torchbearers can confirm their assignment, to let us know if they plan to attend the training, and to order their complimentary customized lunch.

Torchbearer Community Partner Tools

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SECC Torchbearer SECC Community Partner Letter

Log your TWU-SECC & Community Partner Donation Gift Request

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Torchbearer List

Component/DepartmentFirst NameLast NameEmail AddressPhone (81-)
Academic Affairs (OEVP, CFE, Education Abroad) Angie Fielder 3228
Admissions Heather Stubblefield 3184
Admissions Processing Patricia Stennett 3230
Athletics Lisa Haynes 2256
Biology Beth Fawcett 2351
Bursar's Office Theresa Switzer 3574
Business, College of Michael Raisinghani 2930
Campus Alliance for Resource Education Melanie Baker 3589
Center for Student Development Deborah (Debbie) Rains 3619
Chemistry & Biochemistry Courtney Hawkins 2550
Chemistry & Biochemistry Mehgann  Mallory 2633
Communications Sciences & Oral Health Alisa Woods 6657
Conference Services Norman Crawford 3762
Controller's Office Barbara Newton 3543
Counseling & Psychological Services Denise Lucero-Miller 3801
Dance Keith Fleming 2094
Diversity, Inclusion and Outreach, Office of Daniel Rodriguez 3546
English Speech & Foreign Languages Genevieve West 2439
Facilities Shelly David 3130
Family Sciences Naomi Graham 2699
Family Sciences Adam Jones 2682
Fashion & Textiles Deborah Young 2674
Finance & Administration Ann Kolodetsky 3506
Financial Aid Sarah Andress 3064
Fitness & Recreation Katie Taylor 2876
Graduate School Gina Redfearn 3403
Health Promotion & Kinesiology Paula Tanner 2532
Health Sciences, College of (Dean's Office) Kimberly Miloch 2404
History & Political Science Vivienne Born 2144
Human Resources Rhonda Redfearn 3554
Institute for Women's Leadership Stan Hinton 3242
Institutional Research & Improvement/Provost Office Nora Sierra 3352
Library Kris Reed 3767
Library and Information Studies Mary Honard 2603
Marketing & Communication  Monique Bird 3287
Mathematics & Computer Science Brandi Falley 2176
Multicultural Women's & Gender Studies AnaLouise Keating 2129
Multicultural Women's & Gender Studies Jillian Morales 2119
Music Danielle Woolery 2588
Nursing Denise Durrance 2403
Nursing, College of Kristy Reaves 2411
Nutrition & Food Sciences Marcella Ettinger 2710
Occupational Therapy Amber Geldersma 2807
Pioneer Center for Student Excellence Kate Stokes 4106
Procurement & Contract Service  Becky Myatt 3545
Professional Education, College of (Dean's Office) Nicole CeBallos 2241
Professional Education, College of (Dean's Office) Sharon Masten 2735
Psychology & Philosophy John Terrizzi 2308
Reading Peggy Lisenbee 2635
Registrar Nancy Albee 3733
Research and Sponsored Programs Amy Layton 3375
Risk Management Carrie Gartman 3123
Social Work  Nila  Ricks 3077
Sociology Ivy Naude 2052
Student Health Services Michelle Barton-Nielsen 3826
Student Life Marie Butler 3648
Teacher Education Amanda Hurlbut 2280
Teaching & Learning with Technology Heidi Collins 3200
Technology, Office of  Wallace Campbell 3982
Theatre Patrick  Bynane 2518
Undergraduate Studies & Academic Partnerships Tanisha Johnson 2748
University Advancement/Alumni Engagement Michele Kyle 3862
University Housing & Dining Jessica Coronis 3697
Visual Arts Alyssa Humphreys 2530



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