How to Give

It is the intent that SECC donations are made from personal contributions.

The SECC Give Online platform is working and accepting one-time credit/debit and payroll deduction donations!

Note that Torchbearers will not be distributing or collecting pledge forms this year to help ensure the health and safety of our community. Not to worry, there are several ways to make your pledge donation!  Each method allows you to identify how much and to which charities you wish to donate. 

All monthly payroll deductions start in January and run through December.  One-time credit/debit card donations submitted via the online pledge tool are taken out immediately.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please reach out to Nora Sierra (, 940-898-3352).

Event Activity Pledges

We appreciate your pledge support towards our fun in-person and virtual event activities this year! Note that event activity pledge donations are separate additional donations above and beyond our main SECC fundraising collection of payroll deductions. To complete your event activity pledge you can either complete a one-time credit/debit donations via the SECC Give online platform or you can send a check/cash donation directly to Nora's address at the bottom of this page via campus or snail mail. Please make sure all checks are made out to SECC.  Please also include a note with your donation indicating which event activity pledges your donation should be applied to.  Know that you are welcome to make a single total combined donation towards the end of the campaign if you pledge towards multiple event activities.

Give Online

(monthly payroll deductions AND one-time credit/debit card donations)

TWU employees can donate online!  This SECC tool allows you to submit both a recurring monthly payroll donation, as well as one-time credit or debit card donations pledges towards our TWU SECC event activities!  Below is a video we have created for TUW on how to give online.  You can also view/download the SECC Online Pledging PDF instructions or watch the video created by SECC for online giving.

The SECC Give Online platform is working and accepting monthly payroll and one-time credit/debit donations!

Denton & Dallas - Give Online
Houston - Give Online

Electronic Forms

(monthly payroll deductions)

We now have a new digital form that can be used to submit recurring monthly payroll deductions. Simply:

  1. Download the SECC Fillable Pledge Form - Look under FORMS for the PLEDGE FORM - FOR UNIVERSITIES, COLLEGES, AND UNIV. SYSTEMS (Fillable and 508 Compliant PDF) (IMPORTANT: The form will not work correctly if it opens in your internet browser.  Here are instructions on how to download the PDF from your browser to your desktop and open it from there.)
  2. Complete the form on your computer, or print and complete by hand.
  3. Digitally sign at the signature box if you have it set-up; or print it out, sign, and scan.
  4. Email your form to

(State Agency # for TWU is - 731)

Physical Forms

(monthly payroll deductions AND check or cash donations)

You can print the Electronic Form and fill it in by hand to submit recurring monthly payroll deductions, and also check or cash donations. If you would prefer to have a physical form sent to you, please email a form request including your name and campus address. We will send one to you via campus mail.  Please complete the form, seal it in an envelope (along with a one-time check or cash donations - if applicable). Please make sure all checks are made out to SECC. Then just return your donation/pledge to us via campus or snail mail:

c/o Nora Sierra
Institutional Research & Data Management
ACT 9th Floor
P.O. Box 425765 
Denton, TX 76204-5765

Page last updated 9:22 AM, November 1, 2021