Torchbearer Training

Below are general torchbearer guidelines and ideas. This page may grow with updates and information, so check back regularly. If you have suggestions on content to add, please feel free to send it to and we will add them!

Platinum Rule

“Treat others the way they would like to be treated.”  Remember that no one likes to be pressured to participate or donate, and SECC guidelines specifically prohibit this. The best strategy to encourage participation is to talk up how great SECC is in helping those in need and how everyone gets to choose where their donations go!

Get to Know the Website to Answer Questions

Answers to most questions can be found on this TWU SECC website. There is a lot of information, so it is likely people will come to you for guidance either because they missed it on the website or know you are their point of contact for support. We encourage you to review the website carefully so that you can answer questions directly, or at least know where to look to help your group's participants out.

Most pages have a specific TWU SECC Sub-Committee Chair's contact information who is coordinating that activity. If your questions are not answered on the webpages, please reach out to them first. If they are not available or do not know, you can reach out to Scott Martin (, 940-898-3508) and he will assist you or point you to another -subcommittee member who can help you.

How to Encourage Participation

Being a torchbearer is much like cheering your group on! The best way is to try and generate excitement. How can you do that?

  • Remember that you can't pressure people to donate, but getting them to participate in activities may encourage them to think bigger and donate with an ongoing payroll deduction. 
  • Talk it up - Grassroots! Call those whom you already have good relations with and ask them if they would like to participate in the activities with you. Encourage them to reach out to their friends in the office to participate in the activities.
  • Send weekly email reminders on Monday to your Group about the upcoming events and deadlines. It is always best to personalize your emails in some way. Make sure to start your first email with some introduction from/about yourself. You can then copy the information from the website into your email.
  • You can also send email updates about the activities your group participated in and how much fun you had. Take screenshots of the activities to include!
  • Talk about how you plan to be at the activities, and how you think it will be so fun. Remind them of the awesome Dining Dollars prizes that they can use at any TWU eatery.
  • Although we are no longer providing pre-printed donation forms for Torchbearers to distribute, you can still print out the SECC Fillable Pledge Form yourself and distribute them to those you represent!  Please remember to always include a blank envelope so they can ensure their donation information is protected and anonymous.  Ask them to return the form sealed in the envelope to you if they would like to participate.  Let them know if they can just seal the blank form in the envelope if they choose not to participate, so they do not feel pressured! (State Agency # for TWU is 731 | SECC Coordinator's Name is Nora Sierra | SECC Coordinator's Phone # is 940-3352 )

Bettye Myers Challenge

Although you cannot pressure your group to donate. Remind them that participating Academic components will be eligible for a drawing to win a $1,000 student scholarship sponsored by the TWU Foundation and non-academic components will be eligible for a drawing for a group pizza party sponsored by the Chancellor's office and Chartwells! Make sure to note that eligibility is based on a participation sliding scale for the number of individuals in your group!


We really need your support in creating baskets for the auction this year. We know that it will be more of a challenge given many are working remotely and getting a basket together can be challenging under normal circumstances. We strongly recommend getting an early start as possible! Make sure to start of coordinating a collective "theme" for your basket

Ways to create a basket:

  • Create a safe (monitored) centralized drop-off location near your office where people from your group can put the parts of your basket when they have time.  You may want to clearly display the theme on a flyer/poster at the drop-off. You can list possible items that could be purchased as part of the basket.
  • Go virtual! It may be easier for your group to purchase basket parts separately and have them shipped directly to you to build the basket. You could create an Amazon Basket Wish List of possible items. Then send the link for the Basket Wish List to your group. They can purchase the items and it will be shipped to you!

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