Parking Updates

Spring 2020 Changes

During the course of the spring semester we will be putting up signage at the entrances of the parking lots to designate the parking zone for each lot. Signage will be located only at the entrances of each lot and where the zone within a lot changes.

In conjunction with this we are rezoning all of the all decal lots ("black curb lots") to F/S & Commuter lots. We’ll begin this project with the all decal lot situated between Jones hall and MCL.

We appreciate your patience as we move through this transition.

Fall 2019 Shuttle Service

The Denton Bible Church will be available for free parking again for the 2019/2020 school year. Denton Bible Church is located at 2300 E. University Drive (US Hwy 380). Please park in the eastern most spaces of the lot.

Remote parking is available in the North Remote parking lot at Frame St. and US 380. This lot does require a permit. All permits are honored in this lot.

Shuttle service to both lots will begin Monday August 26.

The Denton Bible Church pickup is located in the parking lot near Bell Ave. light just south of the Dance & Gymnastics Laboratory (DGL).

The remote parking lot pickup is located directly in front of the Administrative Conference Tower under the shelter. Signage will be posted for this location.

Shuttle service for both locations is offered weekly Monday through Thursday 7am – 6pm. Notice of changes are offered through the FMC website, Inside TWU, and FMC facebook page. If you require assistance or have questions please contact Facilities Management & Construction at 940.898.3131.

Fall 2019 Parking Changes

As we prepare for the fall semester, we want to share with you upcoming changes that will occur to various parking lots/areas on campus. These changes are being made to realign parking options for faculty/staff, commuters and resident students.

Rezoning of spaces

 This fall, the university will be creating a new lot north of the new soccer field parking lot, which will be designated for resident parking only.

 Additionally, effective Sept. 1, the following lots will be rezoned as indicated:

  • The parking lots near the tennis courts, new soccer field and Pioneer Hall will change from all decal parking to faculty/staff and commuter parking only.
  • The all-decal areas in the parking lot north of Guinn and Stark and south of Lowry are being rezoned for resident only parking.
  • The resident parking along Administration Drive in front of Jones Hall is being rezoned for faculty/staff only parking.

Facilities is working to repaint these areas to their respective new designations, and signs will be installed to indicate the new parking zones. Remember, curb color takes precedence, so please check the curb before parking.

Here’s a reminder of curb color designations:

ColorParking Permitted
Blue  Resident 
Gray Faculty/Staff 
Maroon  Commuter 
Purple Denton Garage
Black All decals
White Reserved and other special designation (such as visitor) as specified on the curb

TWU’s Department of Public Safety understands these are substantial changes, and there may be confusion, especially the first couple of weeks of class. DPS will take this into consideration when patrolling the parking areas and issue warnings rather than tickets initially.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) parking changes

Changes to ADA parking space requirements are being made to reduce abuse and increase availability to drivers with ADA plates and hangtags.

Individuals who need to use ADA parking spaces will need validated TWU ADA parking permits. To get the permit, bring your VTR-214 form to the DPS Parking Office in the Oakland Complex. This is the same form provided to the county when receiving ADA plates or hangtags.

If you have disabled vet (DV) or other specialty plates designating a disability, bring your specialty plate receipt to the Parking Office. You will receive a complimentary permit that allows parking in ADA spaces only. If you wish to park in any other spaces on campus, you will need to purchase a permit through the Parking Office.

This fall, additional signage will be added to the ADA parking signs that tell drivers about the requirement for a TWU-issued ADA permit.

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