On-Campus Parking Tips

Use your campus resources. We are here to help!


  • Student Union, 209
  • 940-898-2789


  • Oakland Complex, Suite 100
  • 940-898-2911

Pioneer Alert: Register your phone and email online

Save time: go directly to the largest parking lots Monday-Thursday

  • Remote Lot (corner of University Dr. and Frame St)
  • Denton Bible Church lot (2300 E. University Drive)
  • Tennis Court Lot (next to Jones Hall and Pioneer Hall)

    Use the complimentary TWU shuttle Monday-Thursday, 7 a.m.-6 p.m.

    • Questions? Call 940-898-3166

    TWU students with a valid parking permit can park in any lot after 4 p.m. Monday-Friday.

    • Excludes the visitors’ lot, yellow curbs, fire lanes, reserved spaces and state parking

    Stay for lunch. Save time by not leaving campus and losing your spot.

    Visit our various commuter lounges on campus equipped with refrigerators and microwaves.

    • SU - Room 105
    • MCL - Second floor, behind and to the left of the Mega Lab
    • HDB - First floor and third floor
    • Music Building - First floor, end of hallway next to Oakland Street
    • ASB - First floor
    • ASSC - Ann Stuart Science Complex, first floor
    • ART - Visual Arts Building, first floor
    • DGB - Basement

    Confirm that your decal is current and displayed properly

    • Your decal must be completely attached to the bottom right corner of your front windshield. Do not tape or prop your decal on the dashboard

    Consider public transportation

    Carpool: Look for other commuters on:

    Come early

    • Traffic patterns peak between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. If your classes or events are during this time period, allow for extra time for finding a parking spot and possibly riding the shuttle

    Double check where you park

    In order to avoid a TWU parking ticket or a city citation

    • Double check the color of the curb where you’ve parked
    • Don’t park too close to stop signs or block driveways when parking on city streets

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