Parking Rules and Regulations


Police and parking services are available, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to the university community. Please use our online services.

Texas Woman’s University offers parking for students, faculty, staff and visitors who drive to our Denton or Dallas campuses. Vehicles must be parked between two parallel white lines and in appropriate zones for your type of parking permit during zone enforcement hours. 

Parking permits are enforced Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-9 p.m. Between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m., vehicles with a valid parking permit may park in any zone except visitor, reserved, yellow curbs and fire lanes.

Parking area curbs are color coded blue, gray, maroon, purple and black to correspond with the designated permit areas.

Please pay attention to curb colors as they take precedence over map designations.

Violating parking rules cannot be justified by a lack of parking. TWU provides remote lots for any loss of parking due to construction or overflow.

TWU does not assume responsibility for the protection of motor vehicles or the property they contain. Only vehicles with current license plates and in operable condition may be driven on campus.

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ColorParking Permitted
Blue  Resident 
Gray Faculty/Staff 
Maroon  Commuter 
Purple Denton Garage
Black All decals
White Reserved and other special designation (such as visitor) as specified on the curb


Parking Registration

You must complete an online parking registration form to park on campus. All TWU parking permit purchases require registration fees. Contact the parking office for assistance with this process, if needed.

Permit Rules:

  • The parking office will issue one permit to an individual upon purchase and payment of a permit. A TWU parking permit is transferable from one vehicle to another.
  • Remove the entire protective cover on the permit and completely attach it to the vehicle's windshield. Do not affix the permit with tape or other materials.
  • Adhere the permit to the inside of the motor vehicle on the passenger side, lower right-hand cordner of the windshield.
  • You may only purchase a permit that pertains to your classification (Student/Faculty/Staff).
  • One vehicle cannot display two types of valid TWU permits.
  • The registrant of a vehicle is responsible for its safe operation and proper parking, regardless of who is operating the vehicle
  • Vehicles registered for parking must comply with compulsory vehicle inspections as required by law.

Motorcycle Permits:

  • Motorcycle permits must be obtained through the parking office
  • Remove the entire protective cover on the permit and completely attach it to the right front fork. Do not affix the permit with tape or other materials.

Permit Registration Fees

Permits are available for purchase online.


Academic Year: $70
Spring/Summer Semester: $60

Staff (non-exempt)

Academic Year: $90
Spring/Summer Semester: $81

Faculty & Staff (exempt)

Academic Year: $97
Spring/Summer Semester $87

Oakland Street Garage (Denton)

Reserved $525
General $350


Academic Year: $35


No expiration: FREE!

One Day Parking Pass

Valid for one day: $5

Additional Permits

Additional permits are available for purchase at full price.

If a student withdraws from the university and the parking permit has not been used, a request for refund may be made at the DPS parking office within the first two weeks of the semester.

A payroll deduction plan is available for faculty and staff.

Lost Stolen & Damaged Permits

Report lost, stolen or damaged permits to the parking office as soon as possible. Vehicles displaying a permit reported lost or stolen will be immobilized.

Permit Replacement TypeFee
Lost permit $25
Damaged permit (return damaged one to the Parking office) $25
Stolen permit (after police report is filed) $10
"Lost in mail" (within 21 days of issue date) Free


Reserved & Special Purpose Spaces

The Chancellor and President may designate reserved parking spaces for the Chancellor and President, Provost, Vice Presidents, Deans and certain administrators. Spaces are also reserved for state vehicle use at various campus locations. These spaces are reserved for the designated individual at all times.

In addition certain spaces in the Oakland Garage (Denton Garage) aer reserved for permit holders.

TWU’s Dallas campus has a limited number of parking spaces for low emitting fuel efficient vehicles. (The T. Boone Pickens Institute of Health Science in Dallas is a Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEEDS) certified campus.) The list of vehicles approved to use the designated spaces can be found at or in the DPS office. To park in the LEEDS spaces, you must have a valid TWU parking permit and drive a vehicle on the approved list.

Temporary Permits & Day Passes

The parking office may issue temporary permits to students, faculty, and staff who have a current purchased permit. It is your responsibility to get a temporary permit prior to parking a vehicle on campus. Day passes are not available online.  

  • Individual holding a current TWU permit are eligible to receive two free temporary permits per semester
  • After the second temporary, an individual must purchase a day pass at the Denton parking office or over the phone
  • Online students may purchase a day parking pass at the Denton DPS parking office or over the phone

Visitors or Clinic Patients

Visitors to Texas Woman’s University’s Denton campus can get a one-day visitor parking permit at the Information Booth on Administration Drive or at the parking office. Multi-day permits must be obtained at the parking office.

  • Clinic patients may park in the clinic spaces during their appointments 
  • Students, faculty and staff are not allowed to park in visitor spaces or clinic spaces between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. Monday-Friday 

If you are planning activities that involve campus parking, please contact the parking office at least one week prior to the event to allow us to establish traffic control for proper visitor parking.

ADA Parking

To use an ADA parking space on campus, an individual must own and display a state issued ADA license plate, hangtag, or placard, and must also purchase a TWU ADA parking permit. To purchase your TWU ADA parking permit please visit the parking office and:

  • If using a hangtag or placard, present a copy of TxDMV Form VTR-214. This is the same form you would have filed with the County Tax Assessor-Collector.
  • If using a license plate, including a specialty plate (e.g. Disabled Veterans or Purple Heart) present a copy of the tax receipt for your plate.

Decorated Veterans

If an individual has been issued a specialty license plate for extraordinary military service a parking permit is still required from the parking office for an individual to park on campus. Permitted parking areas require the purchase of an appropriate parking permit. If an individual chooses to park exclusively in an ADA parking space the parking office will issue a complimentary ADA only parking permit when the vehicle is registered.

ADA-Accessible Parking for Disabled Visitors

Designated ADA-accessible parking spaces are for the exclusive use of vehicles displaying state issued disabled placard or license plates and a valid TWU visitor parking permit. If parking is not available in the visitor's lot, or if special arrangements are needed, please call the parking department at 940.898.2925.

Traffic Violations

  • All State of Texas general and criminal laws are in full force and effect within the areas under the control and jurisdiction of Texas Woman’s University 
  • TWU uniformed personnel are authorized to enforce state, city and TWU moving vehicle and parking laws and regulations and to issue citations for violation of such laws  
  • An individual may clear citations for university regulation violations by paying your fine online or at the parking office 
  • Citations issued in Dallas may be cleared online  
  • All credit card payments must be processed online, by phone, or through the Denton parking office  
  • The permit holder is responsible for parking citations issued to vehicles, under their control, when parked on university property 
  • All outstanding fines must be paid before purchasing a parking permit 
Parking ViolationFine
Parking in disabled-accessible space $250
Parked in ADA without validation $100
Blocking wheelchair ramp $80
Parking in fire lane (red curb) $60
Blocking traffic $60
Incorrect permit for area $40
Failure to display permit $40
Parking in reserved space
(may be enforced immediately by impoundment)
Non-designated space $40
Parked on / Blocking sidewalk $40
Parked in no parking space (yellow curb) $40
Parked in visitor space $40
Failure to observe Signs / Barricades $40
Parked on left $25
Improper display of decal $25
Overtime parking $25


Penalty for Failure to Pay Fines

  • It is the responsibility of the permit holder to clear any ticket online through the Denton parking office within 10 calendar days from the date of citation 
  • Failure to pay a fine will result in the addition of a $20 late fee per citation and the university’s withholding a student’s transcript. 
  • A vehicle is subject to impound, when found in violation, if the registrant or driver has accumulated three past due citations. The individual must pay all citations and fees to reclaim the vehicle

Impoundment & Booting

The cost of booting and/or impounding vehicles is borne by the owner. Contact the parking office or DPS dispatch office after hours for payment details. The university and other authorized personnel are not liable or responsible for any loss or damage resulting from a vehicle being impounded or booted. The university does not charge a student account for this cost.

  • Booting Fee: $80
  • Towing Fee: $90
  • Daily Storage Fee: $5

Impound, towing and storage fees at the Dallas campus are higher. Contact the Dallas campus DPS, 214-689-6666, for information.

Parking Appeals Board

If the recipient of a citation believes that the citation is unwarranted, he or she may request a review by the University Parking Appeals Board. 

  • The appeal must be filed online within ten calendar days from the date of the citation
  • The appeals board will notify the appellant of its decision
  • Within ten calendar days after receiving the decision, the appellant may request the Chairman of the Board to set a date for a personal appearance to present additional pertinent evidence if they are dissatisfied with the board’s ruling

The decision of the appeals board is final. Impoundment and/or booting fees are not appealable.

Bicycles, Motorized Scooters, Rollerblades, & Skateboards


  • Must be operated in accordance with TWU traffic rules and regulations and with state and local laws
  • Are not permitted inside university buildings and residence halls
  • Should be secured by locking to a bicycle rack when not in use
  • Should not be secured in a manner that blocks passageways
  • An optional and  can be obtained through the parking office

Motorized Scooters

  • Motorized scooters cannot be operated on any campus roadway unless they meet all the legal requirements of a motorcycle
  • Motorized scooters, except those designed for and used exclusively by a disabled person, are prohibited from being in any university building or operated on any campus sidewalk

Rollerblades & Skateboards

Rollerblades, skateboards, roller skates, etc. are prohibited on all portions of the central Denton campus.  The area is designated by signs and is generally bounded by Oakland Avenue, Bell Avenue, Chapel Drive and Texas Street.

Information about DPS

University police officers are commissioned police officers with all the powers of peace officers as authorized by the Texas Education Code.

All thefts, accidents, offenses and incidents that occur on the TWU campus should be reported immediately to the DPS office or the officer on duty.

Police personnel are glad to assist students, faculty, and staff in any way possible.  Services such as jump starts and unlocking vehicles are provided by the department, as time permits.  However, jump starts will not be provided in inclement weather. Department personnel do not change flat tires, push cars, or perform any automotive services.  The Department of Public Safety will seriously consider suggestions for improvement in its policies and regulations. 

The university reserves the right to change any or all parts of these regulations as necessary.

DPS Locations

Denton Campus
Oakland Complex, First floor
1201 Oakland Street

Dallas Campus
T. Boone Pickens IHS, First floor
5500 Southwestern Medical Ave

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 425767
Denton, TX 76204-5767

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