Parking Rules and Regulations

The Texas Education Code allows Texas Woman's University to regulate parking on campus including assessing fees, prohibiting parking, enforcing violations of institutional rules and regulations, and establishing a system of registration for vehicle identification.
Parking permits are enforced Monday through Friday from 7am to 6pm.

Available Parking Permits

Permit Type Available Parking Zones
Light Blue (Remote Lot)

- Remote Lot on the North East corner of campus near Ruddell and Hwy 380


- Maroon Lots
- Dallas Garage Levels 2, 3, & 4

Maroon Family

- Maroon Lots
- Maroon Family Areas
- Dallas Garage Levels 2, 3, & 4

Maroon Garage 

- Maroon Lots
Dallas Garage Levels 2, 3, & 4
Denton Garage Levels 2, 3, & 4


Maroon Lots
Silver Lots
Dallas Garage Levels 2, 3, & 4

Silver Garage

Maroon Lots
Silver Lots
Dallas Garage Levels 2, 3, & 4
Denton Garage Levels 2, 3, & 4

Silver Reserved

Maroon Lots
Silver Lots
Dallas Garage Levels 2, 3, & 4
Assigned Parking Space

Silver Garage Reserved

Maroon Lots
Silver Lots
Dallas Garage Levels 2, 3, & 4
Denton Garage Levels 2, 3, & 4
Assigned Parking Space

ADA permits are available upon validation of ADA parking credentials.

Parking Permit Prices

Permits are prorated in January and June of each year. Permits are valid from the date of purchase through August 31 of the current academic year. One (1) physical permit is provided per permit purchase regardless of how many vehicles are associated with the permit. Additional permits are available at full price.

Payroll deduction plans are available for benefits-eligible employees.

Permit Price
  Fall (August - December) Spring (January - May) Summer (June - July)
Light Blue (Remote Lot) $120 $75 $45
Maroon (Student) $200 $120 $75
Maroon Family (Student) $200 $120 $75
Maroon Garage (Student) $350 $210 $125
Silver (Employee) $200 $120 $75
Silver Garage (Employee) $350 $210 $125
Silver Reserved (Employee) $350 $210 $125
Silver Garage Reserved (Employee) $525 $315 $190
Maroon Daily Permit $10 / day $10 / day $10 / day
Denton Maroon Garage Permit $16 / day $16 / day $16 / day
Silver Daily Permit (Employee) $10 / day $10 / day $10 / day
Silver Garage Daily Permit (Employee) $16 / day $16 / day $16 / day

ADA variations of permits are available at the same price. See ADA and Decorated Veteran Parking for additional details.

Students withdrawing from the university within the first two weeks of the semester the permit is purchased may return the permit to the parking department and request a refund.

General Parking Information

Parking permits are available to current Texas Woman's University visitors, students, and employees. Parking permits are enforced Monday through Friday from 7 am to 6 pm. Permits are available for purchase online or in-person at the parking department.

Visitors may purchase daily maroon permits or use ParkMobile parking zones. See Visitor Parking for additional details.

Students may purchase a Light Blue (Remote Lot), Maroon, or Maroon Garage parking permit. Employees may purchase a Light Blue (Remote Lot), Silver, Silver Garage, or a reserved parking permit.

ADA parking permits are available upon validation of ADA parking privileges.


Your permit is assigned to you and is not transferable to another person, you may link up to five (5) vehicles with your permit and account. Only one (1) physical permit is provided per permit purchase. Your permit MUST be displayed in the vehicle parked on campus. Vehicles displaying your permit MUST be linked with your permit.

Decal-style permits are repositionable and may be moved from one registered vehicle to another registered vehicle. If you are parking multiple vehicles on campus at one time you MUST purchase multiple permits and display a permit in each vehicle parked on campus.

Vehicle information can be updated online.

Permits may not be transferred or sold to other individuals.

One (1) free 2-day temporary permit is available each fall and spring semester, and throughout the summer to individuals with an active and valid academic yearly permit. Additional daily permits may be purchased.

Displaying or registering a permit that belongs to another person is strictly prohibited.

Parking zones are designated by signs posted at the entrances to the lot, and where the zone changes within a lot. On-street parking may be labeled at either end of the parking zone.

Displaying Permits

All permits must be displayed in a way that makes their printed information fully, completely, and clearly visible from the exterior of the vehicle. Vehicles with car covers must attach the permit to the cover in a weatherproof pocket or by some other method such that the permit is visible in all weather conditions. Permits fully or partially obscured such as by a sunshade, papers, window tinting, lettering, window features, etc. will result in a citation. See below for details on displaying your specific permit type.

Printable Permits

Temporary printable parking permits must be displayed on the passenger-side dashboard of the vehicle. Receipts are not substitutable for a temporary permit.

Decal Permits

For decal-type permits, completely remove the protective cover and adhere it to the lower passenger side windshield of the vehicle. It must be fully affixed to the inside of the front windshield. Taping, or affixing the permit with unauthorized materials will result in a citation. Permits that are partially or fully obscured will result in a citation.

Hangtags / Placard Permits

Placard-type permits must be displayed from the rearview mirror stem with the printed information facing forward of the vehicle. If you are unable to display from the rearview mirror stem then display on the passenger side dashboard with the printed information facing up.

Motorcycle and Open Air Vehicles

Motorcycle-specific permits are not offered. Motorcycles may display a TWU parking permit in a lockable permit holder where it can be seen easily and without difficulty. Motorcycles displaying a valid TWU parking permit may park in any zone specifically designated as motorcycle parking. Motorcycles displaying a valid parking permit may park in any zone appropriate for the displayed permit.

ADA Parking

To use an ADA parking space on campus, an individual must own and display a state-issued ADA license plate or placard and must obtain a TWU ADA parking permit. To obtain a TWU ADA parking permit please visit or call the parking department and:

  • If using a hangtag or placard, present either the original, photocopy, or picture of your placard for validation.
  • If using a license plate, including a specialty plate (e.g. Disabled Veterans or Purple Heart) present a copy of the tax receipt for your plate.

ADA-Accessible Parking for Disabled Visitors

Designated ADA-accessible parking spaces are for the exclusive use of vehicles displaying state-issued disabled placards or license plates and a valid TWU visitor parking permit. If ADA parking is not available, or if special arrangements are needed, please call the parking department at 940.898.2925.

ParkMobile Lots

ParkMobile parking zones are located at Brackenridge Hall, Oakland Cafe, Oakland Complex (top floor), ACT, Lowry, and Parliament in Denton; and next to the parking garage and the top floor of the parking garage in Dallas. A map is available indicating current locations.

ParkMobile zones offer paid parking Monday through Friday 7 am through 6 pm. Free parking is offered in ParkMobile lots outside these times.

In addition to ParkMobile payments, garage permits are honored on the top floor of the Denton garage and Maroon and Silver permits are honored on the top floor of the Dallas garage. Permits are not honored in ParkMobile zones of Brackenridge Hall, Oakland Cafe, ACT, Lowry, and Parliament.

How To Use ParkMobile - 30 from ParkMobile on Vimeo.

Step 1: Download the App

  • Download the ParkMobile app in the App Store or Google Play or
  • Visit the ParkMobile site
  • If you already have a ParkMobile account, check to ensure your profile is up-to-date

Step 2: Add vehicle & payment information

  • Add your license plate number
    • You can add up to 5 license plates to your profile
  • Most major credit cards, PayPal and Apple Pay are accepted

Step 3: Park & select your parking zone

  • After you park, enter your zone number by referring to nearby signage or using the map within the ParkMobile app or website
  • You can save "favorite" and recently used parking zones
  • Select the duration of time you would like to park.

Promotional Codes

If your department would like to provide a promotional code to your visitors to pay for their parking in a ParkMobile lot please contact us ( / 940.898.2925). We can create single-use, event-specific, or longer-term promotional codes. We'll charge your department monthly for the actual use of your assigned code.

Visitor Parking

Visitors are defined as individuals not affiliated with Texas Woman’s University. Current students and employees are not defined as visitors.

Non-sponsored visitors may use our ParkMobile zones or visit the parking department to purchase a daily maroon permit.

Department Sponsored

Departments may request to sponsor a daily maroon permit for visitors with a legitimate business or academic purposes by contacting the parking department two (2) business days in advance ( / 940.898.2925). Individuals who would like department-sponsored parking should reach out to the department they are visiting to have the department arrange parking for them.

The parking department can email a permit to provide your visitor beforehand. This permit must be displayed face-up on the dashboard on the passenger side. See Promotional Codes for payment of your visitor parking in ParkMobile zones.

Clinic Spaces

Clinic patients may park in the clinic spaces during their appointments. Students and employees are not allowed to park in clinic spaces Monday through Friday, 7 am to 6 pm. These spaces require a permit issued from the administering clinic. Clinic visitors receiving a citation in a clinic space should bring the permit and citation to the parking department.

Resident Hall Visitors

Permits can be requested for guests visiting dorms in advance. Visitor permits are required Monday through Friday 7 am to 6 pm.

The resident and visitor must come to the parking office with the visitor’s vehicle information and present valid photo IDs. A housing guest may receive up to two (2) overnight parking passes per week.

Event Parking

Event parking is defined as when you are expecting 20 or more visitors. If you are planning an activity where you expect 20 to 99 individuals and require parking, contact the parking department directly ( / 940.898.2925) no less than two (2) weeks before the event.

Event Rates Daily

Surface Lots

Attendees (Up to) Up to 2 hours 2-4 hours over 4 hours
10 $10
20 $25


115 $140
315 $380

*discounted rate for Friday events.

Garage Lots

Attendees (Up to) Up to 2 hours 2-4 hours over 4 hours
10 $20
20 $40
45 $90
115 $230
315 $630

*discounted rate for Friday events

Event Rates Weekly

Surface Lots

Attendees (Up to) 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks
10 $115 $225 $340
20 $225 $450 $675
45 $505 $1,015 $1,520
115 $1,295 $2,590 $3,880
315 $3,545 $7,090 $10,630

Garage Lots

Attendees (Up to) 1 Week 2 Weeks 3 Weeks
10 $180 $360 $540
20 $360 $720 $1,080
45 $810 $1,620 $2,430
115 $2,070 $4,140 $6,210
315 $5,670 $11,340 $17,010

Blocking Spaces / Lots

Any blocking, barricading, or reserving of parking spaces or lots must be coordinated with the parking department. Any instrument blocking a space, lot, or portion thereof not previously coordinated with the parking department will be removed.

Lost Stolen & Damaged Permits

Immediately report lost, stolen, or damaged permits to the parking department. Vehicles displaying a permit reported lost or stolen will be impounded. The owner of the permit is responsible for citations issued to the permit up to the date of reporting. Immediately return any permit reported lost or stolen that has been found.

Permits that are dirty can be washed with a small amount of mild soap and water. After drying they should become sticky again.

Permit Replacement TypeFee
Lost $25
Damaged (return damaged one to the parking department) $10
Stolen (with filed police report) $10
Permits not received within 21 days of issuance Free
Permits not received after 21 days of issuance $25


Citations can be paid online, or in person at the parking department. Questions regarding citations can be directed to the parking department (

Paying a citation on a vehicle will link the vehicle to you and you may be responsible for any citations issued to that vehicle.

You have ten (10) calendar days from the date of the citation to pay it. After the 10th calendar day, the citation is considered late and an additional $20 fee is added to the citation. Transcripts for students with late citations will be withheld until all citations are resolved.

Vehicles may receive a parking citation each calendar day they are in violation even if the vehicle has not moved since the citation was issued. Vehicles may be issued more than one citation in a day if they are committing multiple violations, or if moved.

Persons with a citation may not purchase a parking permit until the citation has been resolved.

Violation Fine
Parking in an ADA space $250
Parking in an ADA space without TWU validation $100
Blocking wheelchair ramp $80
Parked in Fire Lane or Fire Zone (red curbs) $60
Lost / Stolen / Altered Permit $60 & immediate impoundment
Displaying fraudulent / revoked permit $60 & immediate impoundment
Blocking Traffic $60
Incorrect permit for area $40
Failure to display a valid permit $40
Parked in reserved space $40 & immediate tow
Non-designated space $40
Parked on / blocking the sidewalk $40
Parked in No-Parking space (yellow curbs) $40
Parked behind cones / barricades $40
Parked on left $25
Improper display of decal $25
Vehicle not recognized in ParkMobile $25
Improper Parking $25

Appealing Citations

You may appeal your citation online within ten (10) calendar days if you believe you received a citation in error. Questions regarding the appeal process can be directed to the Parking Department (

  • After ten (10) calendar days, you forfeit your ability to appeal the citation
  • Late fees are not applied to your citation while it is on appeal
  • If your appeal is denied you must pay your citation promptly, a late fee is applied 14 calendar days after the verdict is made
  • Paid citations are not appealable
  • Vehicles in violation will continue to accumulate citations, even while a citation is on appeal

Appeals will be reviewed by a committee comprised of employees not employed in the Parking or Police Departments, the parking appeals board. The committee is tasked with reviewing submitted appeals, and related parking citations, and providing the parking department with a verdict of warning, approval, or denial. The parking office applies the results as given by the board.

If within ten (10) calendar days of the written appeal verdict, you would like to further pursue appealing you may make a personal appeal. During a personal appeal, you will appear before the parking appeals board, and provide your reasons for asking for an appeal and any additional supporting evidence or documentation. After your pleas, the members of the board present will vote on approving, denying, or reducing your citation to a warning. No further appeal requests may be made after a personal appeal. Failure to appear at your assigned date and time will result in a forfeiture of the personal appeal and the written appeal result will stand.

The decision of the appeals board is final. Impoundment and booting fees are not appealable.

Appeals are not granted for the following grounds:

  • Lack of knowledge of the rules or regulations
  • In violation for a short time
  • Late for a class or meeting
  • Inability to pay the fine
  • Lack of parking availability
  • Failure to notice or understand signage
  • Other vehicles nearby in violation without citations
  • Weather conditions
  • Never received the citation
  • Someone borrowed the vehicle
  • Not receiving a prior warning


Impoundment of Vehicles

Vehicles may not park on campus if they violate state law. A valid registration and license tags are mandatory and must be shown. Operators parking vehicles in an inoperable condition on campus must immediately notify the parking office at 940.898.2925 for special arrangements. Failure to alert the Parking Office will result in citations and/or towing at the owner or operator's expense.

Vehicles parked for more than 30 days without moving may be considered abandoned. The Parking Office will attempt to contact the owner of any abandoned vehicle for verification. Vehicles determined to be abandoned are subject to immediate towing at the owner or operator's expense.

The parking department will impound vehicles in violation to protect the parking privileges of those who follow the parking rules and regulations. Vehicles parked on Texas Woman's University property may be impounded or towed without prior warning at the owner's expense for the following reasons.

  • Vehicles or permits with three (3) or more late citations
  • Vehicles or permits with any number of citations over 12 months past due
  • Unauthorized use of reserved parking spaces
  • Occupying more than one parking space parking outside the lines
  • Parking in prohibited areas (fire lanes, intersections, grass, state vehicle parking, no-parking areas)
  • Parking in ADA spaces without valid ADA credentials displayed
  • Displaying a fraudulent, altered, replicated, lost, or stolen permit
  • Not displaying a current, valid state-issued license plate or current registration
  • Inoperable vehicles
  • Parking in lots closed for events
  • Any other lawful reason

Vehicles meeting these guidelines may be booted and/or towed at the owner's expense. Texas Woman's University is not responsible for any damage to a vehicle during the impoundment, relocation, or storage process.

The owner or driver of a booted vehicle may recover the vehicle after paying a boot fee and resolving all current and late citations. The booting fee can be paid only at the parking department during regular business hours (Monday through Friday 7 am - 4:45 pm). If the parking department is closed the boot fee can be paid in exact cash only (no checks, money orders, or credit cards) at the police department (1201 Oakland Ste 100). After payment of the boot fee and resolution of citations, the boot will be removed. Booted vehicles will be towed off campus at the owner's expense if the boot is not resolved within 24 hours from the time the vehicle is booted.

If the owner or driver defaults on an established payment plan or does not make a payment on time the vehicle will be towed on sight at the owner's expense.

Owners may recover towed vehicles by contacting the towing company. Contact the parking department (940.898.2925) or the police department (940.898.2911) for information.

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