General Parking Questions

Where can I park?

Parking maps are available here: https://twu.edu/maps/.

Where can I park with a commuter decal late in the day?

Between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m., all vehicles with a valid parking permit, may be parked in any zone except for visitor, reserved, yellow curbs and fire lanes. 

I thought I would have a guaranteed spot on campus. Can I get a refund?

Parking permits allow students, faculty and staff to park on campus. However, parking availability and the proximity of parking is not guaranteed.

I'm visiting campus over the weekend without a permit. Will I be ticketed?

Parking enforcement occurs 7 a.m. through 9 p.m., Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday visits will not be ticketed or towed.

Do not park in spaces marked reserved, state vehicle, fire lane and yellow curbs.

I am changing vehicles. Do I need to buy a new permit?

No, your TWU parking permit belongs to you, not the vehicle. However, you will need to register your new vehicle. While the permit doesn't belong to the vehicle the vehicle does need to be registered with DPS.

Simply peel off your decal and place it on the bottom passenger side of your new car’s windshield. Lost, stolen or damaged decals should be reported to DPS parking as soon as possible. Replacement decals are available.

Register your new vehicle

Parking Garage Questions

How much is garage parking?

Parking prices for TWU’s new parking garage are:

  • General Garage Parking: $350/year
  • Reserved Parking: $525/year
  • Daily Permit: $16/day

How was the parking garage price determined?

Parking garages cost a lot more than surface parking to maintain. The Oakland Complex parking charge is the minimum price to pay for maintenance out of parking fees without relying on tuition. TWU has the advantage of paying for this garage out of reserves, rather than borrowing money, as has been the case at other universities. Therefore, no finance cost is included in the pricing.

How does the cost of TWU’s garage parking compare to other universities?

When determining pricing for the garage parking at a maintenance-only level, TWU leadership surveyed other local universities’ parking costs. TWU’s price is one of the least expensive in the region, including at rural campuses such as Tarleton State University and Stephen F. Austin State University.

Is free parking available nearby?

Yes! Free parking is available at the Remote Lot on Frame St. and Woodland St. across from University Dr. View the parking maps for details.

Page last updated 4:05 PM, July 6, 2021