Women Airforce Service Pilots Official Archive

With the wind and the sand in our eyes; And our goal placed up high in the skies; We are the WASPS who serve the Air Corps so true; We're coming, just watch us ZOOM...down upon you! Loes Monk Mackenzie, 43-W-8

The Official WASP Archive at Texas Woman’s University, the premiere destination for research on women in aviation, is dedicated to recognizing the first female military pilots, honoring their story of service, bravery, and heroism to their country, and generating interest among young women to take flight. The mission of the Archive is to collect, organize, and preserve in perpetuity the collections of the Women Airforce Service Pilots while actively representing the organization and promoting their legacy.

The goals of the Official WASP Archive are as follows:

  • PRESERVE papers, artifacts, and textiles of the WASP beyond traditional archival methods
  • PROMOTE the history of the WASP to all generations actively and continuously through innovative programming and outreach opportunities
  • MOTIVATE interest in their compelling story
  • INSPIRE young women to embrace the WASP principles of prepare, persevere, and persist
  • EDUCATE people around the world about the WASP and curate resources to meet the needs of scholars, researchers, and educators
  • CELEBRATE these pioneers of the sky

About the Archive

The WASP Collection includes over 1 million wartime and postwar items as well as the personal collections of hundreds of the WASP.  The Archive houses:

  • Photographs
  • Documents & Reports
  • Military Records
  • Rules & Regulations
  • Procedures
  • Diplomas & Certificates
  • Maps
  • Log Books & Pilots Licenses
  • Articles & News Clippings
  • Rosters
  • Newsletters
  • Artifacts & Ephemera
  • Uniforms
  • Insignia & Memorabilia
  • Congressional Records
  • Oral Histories & Letters Written Home
  • Class Books
  • Media
  • Scrapbooks & Photo Albums
  • Diaries & Journals
  • Official Orders & Assignments
  • Accident Reports
  • Base Histories
  • Biographical Files
  • Reunions
  • In Memoriam

WASP Digital Archive

View scans of original documents, military records, images, and artifacts from the WASP Collection.

View the WASP Digital Archive