Two microform from the Opie Collection of Pilgrim's Progress
Pilgrim's Progress from the Opie Collection

Martin Kling Targeted Reading Collection

From the Alvina Treut Burrows Institute, an important collection of critically reviewed reading research. The collection is comprised of 900 references indexed by author and subject and includes a bibliography of all research reviewed. Annotated author, subject and citation indexes on cards are filed before the microfiche.

Opie Collection of Children's Literature

The Opie Collection on microfiche covers the 16th to 20th centuries and is considered one of the most comprehensive collections of children's literature. This collection is organized into units by book type and is particularly valuable to students of literature, history, developmental psychology, linguistics, sociology, early childhood education, and related disciplines. Bibliographic access is provided for each unit and a cumulative index is planned upon completion of the collection. The collection preserves:

  • Early chapter books
  • Battledores (two or three-page primers)
  • Card-covered toy books
  • Comics
  • Children's magazines
  • Penny dreadfuls (Victorian serials for children)
  • Bound volumes of children's stories
  • Nursery rhymes
  • Books on games and amusements
  • Picture books
  • Movable books
  • Reversible books
  • Rag books
  • Miniatures

William S. Gray Research Collection in Reading

A collection of 10,000 titles of research on reading topics assembled by William S. Gray and other specialists from journals, books, research reports, and other monographs published between 1884 and 1989. The collection is based on the Annual Summary of Investigations Relating to Reading and published in various places since 1900. It is accompanied by annotated author/chronological and subject indexes on cards filed before the microfiche and author alphabetical and category indexes in a binder, which also includes an introduction to the collection.