Biohazardous/Medical and Microbiological Waste

Medical & Biological Waste Pickup Request Form
Black biohazard symbol on red background.

Medical/Biohazardous Waste

Medical and biohazardous waste, such as those generated in clinics and some research labs, should be accumulated in a rigid container that is marked in English and Spanish with the words "CAUTION, contains medical waste which may be biohazardous" and "PRECAUCIÓN, contiene desechos medicos que pueden ser peligro biológico" or as otherwise required by the United States Department of Transportation under regulations set forth in CFR §173.134 and 49 CFR §173.196 which include infectious substances. Disposal of medical waste should be done through TWU EH&S. Fill out the Medical & Biological Waste Pickup Request Form to schedule a pickup.

For a map of publicly available sharps disposal containers, consult the TWU Sharps Containers Across Campus map.

Microbiological Waste

Microbiological waste, such as cultures, media, plates, disposable contaminated devices, etc. from research labs, should be properly treated prior to disposal or should be disposed of as biohazardous waste, as described above. Approved treatment methods include chemical disinfection through the use of a freshly prepared 10% bleach solution or steam disinfection through the use of an autoclave at a minimum of 121 degrees Celsius, 15 psi, and at least 30 minutes. All autoclave usage for waste treatment must be recorded on a log that includes the weight of the load and include a label, such as these Treated Medical Waste Labels, indicating treatment placed on the waste before disposal with normal waste. For further information, see the Autoclave Use Procedure

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