International Travel

Official University business travel to another country (excluding Mexico and Canada) requires a Request to Travel to be approved in Concur prior to travel. Authorization from Risk Management and the Chancellor and President is required. Requests to Travel are not required for: the Chancellor & President, Vice Presidents, Board of Regents, Athletic Team Travel, Student Group Travel or prospective employees. All itemized receipts must be attached to the Expense Report in Concur.

Upon completion of the trip, the traveler will upload all required receipts and complete an online Expense Report in Concur. The Expense Report (and Request to Travel) will route to the appropriate approvers. Once approved, it is routed to the Travel Desk in Financial Services for auditing, processing and payment. 

Actual travel expenditures must be entered in Concur on a travel expense report. The expense report will be routed to the traveler’s supervisor for approval. Travel expenses must reflect the total amount in US Dollars. Travel services exchanged for "points" or "miles" in any customer rewards program are not considered reimbursable expenses. Itemized receipts are required for all international travel expenses.

Required Documentation:
  • An approved Request to Travel in Concur (be sure to allow enough time to get your request approved before you make any travel arrangements)
    • All requests for international travel are routed to the Traveler’s Supervisor, accountholder, Risk Management, the Chancellor and President, and ORSP (if using a grant account).
    • Requests to Travel are not required for: the Chancellor and President, Vice Presidents, Board of Regents, Athletic Team Travel, Student Group Travel or prospective employees.
  • Approved Travel Expense Report in Concur
    • Travel Expense Reports will be routed to: Traveler’s Supervisor, and ORSP (if using a grant account).
    • Expense Reports will route to the accountholder if the amount of the expense report exceeds the approved request amount by 20% or more.
  • Keep ITEMIZED receipts for all expenses including, but not limited to:
    • Meals over $25 if paid with the TWU Travel Card
    • Meals of any amount if paid out of pocket
      • Missing Receipt Affidavits cannot be used to satisfy this receipt requirement. 
    • Hotel
    • Vehicle rental (the bill should show a zero balance, not a deposit amount or amount due)
    • Gasoline purchases for rental car
    • Public transportation – bus, shuttle, taxi, ride share
      • Transportation expenses to or from a meal is not considered a business expense. Such an expense is not allowed on the TWU Travel Card nor is it reimbursable if paid out of pocket. 
    • Parking
    • Tolls
    • Registration

If not converted in the credit card transaction, all receipt totals must be converted from the country's home currency to US dollar amounts using the exchange rate in effect on the date of the transaction. Conversions can be made using Oanda Currency Conversion Calculator.

The Fly America Act (49 U.S.C. 40118) generally provides that foreign air travel funded by Federal government money may only be conducted on U.S. flag air carriers. A ‘U.S. flag air carrier’ is an air carrier that holds a certificate under 49 U.S.C. 41102 but does not include a foreign air carrier operating under a permit. Also note that lower cost and personal convenience does not justify nor is acceptable for the non-availability of a U.S. flag air carrier. TWU’s travel management company is aware of this requirement. Booking airfare in Concur will ensure compliance with the Fly America Act.

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