What do graduate students say about the Federation?

In regards to my federation experience and taking classes at Texas Woman's University, it was honestly a really great experience. It was a great way to be able to experience another university and its respective culture in a really easy and accessible way. I enjoyed the classes I took at TWU, and if I weren't graduating in December, I'd love to use this resource more.
—Celeste Graham, Interdisciplinary Studies, The University of North Texas

I have cross-registered for four courses through the Federation and I think this is a great benefit to UNT students. You have more course topics to choose from, but also more opportunities to take core courses—this is especially crucial for graduate courses which typically are not offered as often as undergraduate courses. For example, the Sociology departments at TWU and UNT coordinate their course schedule so key courses are always offered at different times of the year (e.g. Quantitative Methods may be offered Spring 2015 at TWU and then Fall 2016 at UNT). Lastly, the Federation exposes you to different professors which means different teaching styles, perspectives and areas of expertise.
—Cassie Hudson, Sociology, The University of North Texas

I purposely chose TWU for two reasons: 1) their commitment to recruiting and training non-traditional/first-generation doctoral students like myself; and 2) the Federation’s opportunities—I can have the individual guidance from both TWU and UNT professors, just when I need it, for my scholarly and career goals, but I can have access to many excellent workshops and seminars offered on both campuses as well. The simple fact is that no single program has the faculty to mentor students in all the most common areas of study, nor can a single program have experts in all research methodologies or statistical techniques; with the Federation, students enjoy a broader array of faculty specialties and techniques. In my case, a professor at UNT mentored me in theory, yet a TWU professor mentors me in highly-sought, cutting edge research techniques unavailable anywhere else in the state of Texas.
—Valarie J. Bell, Sociology, Texas Woman's University

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