Degrees Offered

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Art M.F.A. X    
Computer Science M.S. X    
Counseling Psychology Ph.D.   X X
Curriculum and Instruction with Resource Area in Literacy Education M.Ed.    
Curriculum and Instruction with Concentration in Language & Literacy Studies Ph.D.    
Early Childhood Education M.S., M.Ed. both M.Ed. only  
Molecular Biology / Biology and Biochemistry Ph.D.   X
Reading / Reading Education* M.A., M.Ed., M.S., Ph.D. all except Ph.D. all except M.S.  
Sociology Ph.D.   X X
Special Education Ph.D.   X X


*See Curriculum & Instruction for degrees at UNT with literacy content.

In addition to the Federated programs listed above, the following degrees are also offered on a non-Federated basis:

  • Art—Ph.D. (UNT)
  • Computer Science—Ph.D. (UNT)
  • Biology/Molecular Biology—M.S. (TWU, UNT)
  • Music Education—M.M.E., M.M., Ph.D. (UNT)
  • Rhetoric—Ph.D. (TWU)
  • Sociology—M.A., M.S. (TWU, UNT, A&M-C)
  • Special Education—M.A., M.Ed. (TWU, UNT, A&M-C)

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