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Admission to a Federated Program

A student applies for admission to a Federated program through the institution from which he or she plans to graduate. Once the Federated Admissions Committee and the appropriate persons at the home institution grant admission, the student may then cross-register for graduate courses at other participating universities and make use of the academic resources available. Semester credit hours earned through cross-registration are recorded on the student transcript at his or her home institution and are not counted as transfer credits.

The universities participating in each Federated program combine and coordinate resources in order to staff courses, advise students, and in other ways to carry out program objectives. The home institution assumes a leadership role in directing each student's program, but each student will be required to complete degree requirements as specified by the Federated program committee.

Cross-Registration Through the Federation

Any graduate student enrolled at one of the Federation universities may request to cross-register for courses at the other member institutions without being admitted to a Federated program provided the student obtains prior approval from his or her academic advisor at the home institution.  Certain courses, however, may restricted by the institution offering the course.

For assistance with cross-registration, students should call or email the Federation representative on their home campus.

Graduate Admissions, Programs, and Schedules

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