Industry Partnerships

Deema Aridi and Emily Mince
Deema Aridi and Emily Mince, TWU Fashion Design & Merchandising students and winners of the 2015 NRF Student Challenge. Awards were presented at the 2015 NRF BIG Show in New York City, NY.

National Retail Federation

Our division is a member of the National Retail Federation, the world’s largest retail trade association, representing discount and department stores, home goods and specialty stores, Main Street merchants, grocers, wholesalers, chain restaurants and internet retailers from the United States and more than 45 other countries. Retail is the largest private-sector employer in the U.S., supporting one in four U.S. jobs for 42 million working Americans. TWU Fashion Design & Merchandising is proud to be one of fewer than 70 universities in the U.S. and one of only seven universities in Texas to partner with the NRF through the NRF Student Association. The NRF Student Association provides talented students interested in retail careers with unique educational and scholarship programs, networking opportunities, job boards, and access to the latest industry news and research. All students enrolled in NRF Student Association member schools are eligible to become NRF Student Association individual members.

International Council of Shopping Centers

The division also is a member of the International Council of Shopping Centers, the trade association for the retail real estate industry with 55,000 members around the world. ICSC offers college students a student membership which allows the students to access valuable information and resources about careers in the retailing and shopping center industries.

International Textile and Apparel Association

All of our faculty are members of the International Textile and Apparel Association, the primary professional organization of industry professionals and scholars interested in the textile and apparel discipline. ITAA is committed to discovery, dissemination, creativity and leadership, and seeks to provide a venue for dissemination of textile and apparel scholarship, including original apparel design. Through an undergraduate student membership in ITAA, each year, fashion design students that are sponsored by an ITAA faculty member are invited to submit proposals to present original design work at the ITAA Annual Conference during the Design Exhibition at the conference.

Fashion Group International - Dallas

TWU entrants and winners at the 2017 Fashion Group International - Dallas Scholarship Competition
TWU entrants and winners at the 2017 Fashion Group International - Dallas Scholarship Competition, with guest emcee LeeAnn Locken of The Real Housewives of Dallas.

Students from our division regularly compete for awards at the annual FGI Scholarship Competition, held in Dallas each spring at the Dallas Market Center. The scholarship competition is an annual event for university students majoring in areas within fashion programs and is sponsored by the Dallas chapter of Fashion Group International (FGI). Students from over 30 universities and community colleges throughout the South, Southeast and Midwest attend the event.

At the Scholarship Competition, in addition to informative presentations by fashion industry professionals, participants attend a fashion show that features garments designed and constructed by university students and are entered into the fashion design competition. Prior to the fashion show, garments are judged by a panel of industry experts in a variety of categories, and winners in each of the categories are announced at the end of the show.

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