Supervisor FAQ

Are the Dallas & Houston campuses included in university announcements?

Yes. All guidance issued includes all three campuses, as well as the Collin Higher Education Center.

What if I am feeling sick or think that I have COVID-19?

If you become ill, regardless of whether you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, please stay home. Contact your health care provider and seek medical attention, as needed.

If you are exhibiting symptoms related to COVID-19, you MUST stay home and notify TWU by completing the COVID-19 Reporting Form.

To assist with self-screening and provide more information for residential students, please read the COVID-19 Self-Screening document.

How do I track my employee’s work if they are telecommuting?

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring employees are effectively performing the functions of their position while working in a temporary telecommuting arrangement. Supervisors may also modify employee duties based on the current operational needs of the department. Reports of work duties/tasks performed are expected to be submitted by employees to their supervisors on a scheduled basis as determined by the supervisor.

What if an employee refuses to come to work during this period?

Supervisors are encouraged to allow for telecommuting as appropriate, flex time, and approve vacation, overtime and compensatory time usage. If the supervisor does not approve leave and the employee still refuses to come to work, employees would be subject to the progressive disciplinary process. However, supervisors will continue to make decisions based on the business operational needs of the department.

Under what circumstances could a supervisor cancel vacation or other non-sick leave requests that were already approved?

Supervisors are responsible to continue the business operations of the department. Therefore, supervisors may cancel requests for time off especially in circumstances of serious staff shortages to continue operations.

All Non-Work Study Student Employees

Student employees may utilize telecommuting, upon the approval of their supervisor, where work is available and the tasks/duties may be performed remotely. Supervisors are responsible to ensure student employees working in a temporary telecommuting arrangement are effectively performing the functions of their position. Duties may be modified as determined by the supervisor based on the current operational needs of the department. Daily reports of work duties/tasks performed are expected to be submitted by student employees to their supervisors. Reports are subject to verification upon request by departments or Human Resources.

Temporary telecommuting arrangements may be modified or discontinued at any time at the department head’s discretion. Telecommuting approvals are to be maintained at the department level.

Student work may only continue to be compensated when work is available and meets the operational needs of the department. There will be circumstances, as determined by the department, when student work is no longer available on campus and/or work is not appropriate for telecommuting. Student employees will not continue to be compensated under these circumstances.

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