International Student FAQ

Does my Academic HealthPlans insurance policy through TWU cover COVID 19?

Yes. Students who have purchased health insurance through Academic HealthPlans do have coverage for care related to contracting the coronavirus. Your health insurance coverage is valid at any in-network health care provider who accepts United Healthcare Choice Plus PPO. There are providers nationwide. Here is the link to the provider finder: 

All of my classes are now online. Am I still compliant with my F-1 visa?

Yes. The Student Exchange and Visitor Program (SEVP) has provided a mechanism for TWU to notify them of the course delivery changes TWU has made in an effort to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus. International Affairs has reported these changes to SEVP and you will remain in compliance with F-1 regulations while finishing the semester online. Contact if you have additional questions.

Can I return to my home country and continue my studies online?

Yes. The Student Exchange and Visitor Program (SEVP) is committed to remaining flexible in allowing TWU to make temporary procedural adaptations for international students. For the remainder of the spring semester, you may engage in online learning from either within the United States or outside the country. Contact if you have additional questions.

If I go to my home country to continue studies, can I return to the U.S.?

International students who continue to make normal progress in their course of study remain eligible for re-entry into the United States. Always carry the following documents:

  • A valid passport or travel document, unless exempt from the passport requirement.
  • A valid F-1 visa (unless exempt from visa requirements)
  • A Form I-20 properly endorsed for travel by the Designated School Official (DSO)
  • Evidence of financial resources
  • Evidence of student status (recent tuition receipts, transcripts)
  • Name and contact information for the school's Designated School Official (DSO)

In addition, due to the changing array of travel restrictions, international students should refer to their local embassy’s website and the U.S. Department of State for any F-1 visa and travel restriction updates. The Center for Disease Control is also a helpful resource for information about travel restrictions. Contact if you have additional questions.

What if I am feeling sick or think that I have COVID-19?

If you become ill, regardless of whether you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, please stay home. Contact your health care provider and seek medical attention, as needed.

To assist with self-screening, please read the COVID-19 Self-Screening document.

Have more questions?

Contact us at with any questions you have, and we will track down the answer for you.

Page last updated 4:30 PM, November 20, 2023