Denton Campus

This 1,735 ft2 space consists of a biochemistry lab and metabolic/clinical research rooms. Equipment in these spaces includes:

  • Quinton Q-Stress treadmill with ECG measurement capabilities
  • ParvoMedics TrueOne 2400 metabolic cart and resting metabolic rate equipment (including hood)
  • GE Lunar Prodigy DXA
  • Biolis 24i Chemistry Analyzer
  • Monark cycle ergometer
  • 3 centrifuges: a Numnd centrifuge, Cygnus CF-Vi centrifuge and Eppenderf 5415c centrifuge
  • Revico freezer capable of storing samples at -80°C
  • Curning stirrer and hot plate
  • Fischer Scientific vortex mixer

Houston Campus

This shared research space includes the Human Nutrition Research Laboratory (336 ft2), Food Preparation Laboratory (~300 sq. ft2), Densitometry Room (90 ft2 private room) and Clinical Exercise Testing Laboratory (~1,000 ft2). Equipment in these spaces includes:

  • Hologic Horizon W DXA system 
  • Parvo Medics TrueMax 2400
  • Monark cycle ergometers
  • Trackmaster treadmills
  • Life Fitness resistance training equipment
  • ActiGraph wGT3X-BT physical activity monitors
  • Microplate reader (Synergy™ H1, BioTek, Winooski, VT) for biochemical and biomarker analysis
  • Basic science equipment such as two bench centrifuges, vortexes, orbital shakers, water bath, magnetic plates, digital scales and calibrated single and multi-channel pipettes
  • The food preparation laboratory includes a double-stack oven, electric stove-top burners, two refrigerators with freezers, a -20°C food freezer and research-grade food scales. Pots, pans, utensils, thermometers and food storage containers are available to prepare and store the meals for projects.

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