Nutrition Consultation

a IWH staff member writes on a clipboard seated on a table next to a female client during a consultation.

The Institute for Women’s Health (IWH) offers complete nutrition consultation services where a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) provides guidance and strategies to optimize nutrient intake based on client’s goals. Nutrition consultation services are offered for many conditions, such as sport performance, weight loss, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and disease prevention. The services can also include how to incorporate more plants into the diet or how to follow a Mediterranean or DASH diet.

Prior to the nutrition consultation, the client will complete a health questionnaire to assess current health status and lifestyle factors (e.g., stress, physical activity, gastrointestinal function). The questionnaire will also include the client’s purpose for the visit and dietary goals. The client will also log dietary intake for 3 days prior to the visit using an online computer program.

Consultation packages

Package #1: 60-minute nutrition consultation session 

  • Complete dietary assessment by an RDN that identifies specific nutrient deficiencies or excess dietary recommendations to meet client goals and achieve nutrient balance
  • Tips on achieving optimal nutrition based on lifestyle
  • Cost = $125

Package #2: Package #1 plus body composition assessment

  • Complete dietary assessment as shown in Package #1
  • Body composition scan via dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry with interpretation by IWH staff
  • Cost = $195

Package #3: Package #1 plus resting metabolic rate

  • Complete dietary assessment as shown in Package #1
  • Resting metabolic rate using indirect calorimetry
  • Cost = $225

Package #4: Packages #1, #2 and #3

  • Includes complete dietary assessment, body composition analysis, and resting metabolic rate test
  • Cost = $280 

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